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Dawn Train

Issue 114: November 2003

Includes Nonviolent News extra:

  • Editorial: No government once again in Northern Ireland.
  • Billy King; Billy gets caught red-handed (of Ulster) and compares George B*s* and George B*s*.

Taking on liberties, South and North:
ICCL – Irish Council for Civil Liberties

Main areas of focus include:

CADIC (Coalition Against the Deportation of Irish Citizens): Formed in response to the Supreme Court decision in January of this year, that non-national parents of Irish-born children do not have an automatic right to citizenship, the coalition involves the following groups: Immigrant Council of Ireland, Free Legal Advice Centre, Irish Council for Civil Liberties, Children’s Rights Alliance, African Women’s Network, Irish Refugee Council. The group has published an information leaflet for migrant parents of Irish-born children and also information on citizenship and constitutional rights of Irish child citizens – these are available on the ICCL website at The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform recently announced that some deportations of immigrant parents and their Irish-born children have already taken place and that deportation orders have been issued. The Coalition immediately called on the Minister to halt the deportations and to provide free legal assistance to those families facing deportation.

Participation and the Practice of Rights: Insider/Outsider – Changing Relationships This is an on-going collaboration between the ICCL, ICTU, CAJ, CPA, and the NIVT. The groups have successfully secured funding for a six-month pilot project for the north-inner city areas of Belfast and Dublin. This will involve two appointed interns working with the grassroots and human rights organisations, to identify and map the issues surrounding three main areas (education, health and policing)

‘Know Your Rights’ Publication: Know Your Rights, an ICCL information pack has been published and is available from the office (email: or on our website ( This publication offers advice to citizens on the rights which should be upheld, on getting into trouble with the gardaí. The advice contained in this publication is not intended as a substitute for legal advice.

Finally, the ICCL is pleased to announce that Tanya Ward is joining the team as Senior Research & Policy Officer this month.

ICCL subscriptions are €31.74 individual, €57.14 for couples/double, and €6.35 unwaged. ICCL, Dominick Court, 40 – 41 Lower Dominick Street, Dublin 1, ph. 01 – 8783136, fax 8783109, e-mail and website

CAJ – Committee on the Administration of Justice
The fourth edition of CAJ’s Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland Handbook will appear during November, edited by Brice Dickson and Martin O’Brien. This comprehensive reference work has 22 chapters and extends to 614 pages, including new chapters on environmental rights, mental health and general equality; it will retail at £9.50 (postage extra if getting it from CAJ).

Meanwhile CAJ’s commentary on the NI Policing Board is now out and will be featured in the November issue of Just News.

CAJ’s Annual Report (58 pages, A4), just out, gives a detailed overview of the work in the last year and of publications and reports produced.

Members of the CAJ committee, recently elected, are: Chair, Kieran McEvoy; Vice-Chair, Paddy Hillyard; Treasurer, Les Allamby; Minutes Secretary, Ann Godfrey; Editor of Just News, Fionnula Ní Aolain, and Membership Secretary, Lesley Emerson.

Subscriptions to CAJ are £17 or £5 unwaged, or £12 to receive Just News only. CAJ, 45/47 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2BR. Phone 028 – 9096 1122, fax 9024 6706, website

Mediators Institute Ireland annual conference
The Mediators Institute conference is to be held 14th and 15th November at Druids Glen Hotel, Netownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow. The Keynote Address will be given by Michelle LeBaron on “Bridging Troubled Waters: A Relational Approach to Resolving Conflicts”; Professor LeBaron will explore the contours and implications of a relational approach to conflict resolution which is centred not in formal analysis but in stories, metaphors and shared experiences. Sector meetings taking place at the conference include Family Mediation, Restorative Justice, Workplace Mediation, Commercial Mediation, Community Mediation and Environmental Mediation. There will also be a Northern Ireland regional meeting and other extensive programme. MII accredits practitioners who have completed recognised training - today there are almost 100 practitioners working in the fields of family mediation, business/workplace disputes, restorative justice and community mediation. Contact: MII, 72 Beechpark Road, Foxrock, Dublin 18 or by e-mail: Information - Chairperson - Accreditation - Phone: 01 - 6618488 or see the MII website at

Sligo-Kitwe Link Co-operation Committee
Not all town and city twinning is of the North-North variety. As well as a couple of European linkages, Sligo is twinned with Kitwe, in Zambia. The Sligo-Kitwe Link Co-operation Committee, which implements twinning between Sligo and Kitwe, is holding two public meetings on debt and development during One World Week. One will be at the Hotel Silver Swan, Monday 17th November at 8 pm with Ann Reilly of Debt and Development; another meeting for students and staff will take place at lunchtime on Tuesday 18th November. The Sligo-Kitwe committee is ten years in existence and has run exhibitions and international cultural competitions with educational impact in both cities. The secretary, Garreth Byrne, can be contacted at 071 – 9134985 or at Dromahair, Co Leitrim.

Debt and Development Coalition
The Debt and Development Coalition Ireland has launched the next stage of its campaign to get the Irish government to prioritise debt cancellation during the EU Presidency. This targets the European Parliament and MEPs; you can send a postcard (available from office) to local MEPs or do it via the website at Also being organised is a public seminar on ‘Who rules the world? Global Democracy: Role of the WTO, IMF, World Bank’ organised jointly with Trade Matters Ireland on Saturday 29th November, 11am – 2pm at Wynn’s Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin 2. There’ll also be a multicultural Advent service at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin at 8pm on Wednesday 10th December. DDC, All Hallows, Grace Park Road, Dublin 9, ph/fax 01 – 857 1828, e-mail

Housmans Peace Diary 2004
Another year older….and wiser too if you’re the campaigning sort and get your indispensable Housmans Peace Diary, the portable tool for the busy activist that doesn’t require batteries or go on the blink….and if you are an activist that goes on the blink, well, even more reason to buy one. Its World Peace Directory has almost 2,000 national and international peace, environmental and human rights organisations listed in 150 countries. ISBN 0 85283 259 1. Cover price is UK£6.95 or £7.95 including postage and packing anywhere. Discount on 5 or more (20% on 5 copies, £6.36 each) post free. Production is running a bit behind normal but orders will be fulfilled during December. Housmans, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, ph 020 7837 4473, e-mail

GM-Free Ireland
GM foods have been receiving some bad reviews, such as the test results from Britain, but it will take a lot more to stop the genetically modified juggernaut in its tracks. GM-Free Ireland is an umbrella body with free membership for all kinds of people and organisations opposed to GM crops. It argues that Ireland (because of its isolation, 80% wind flow from Atlantic, and low exposure to GM to date) should be a GM-free biodiversity reserve. GM-Free Ireland’s website is at or the chair, Michael O’Callaghan, can be contacted at phone 0404 43 885.

Low Cost Solutions to Ireland’s Waste Crisis
Three leading Irish Environmental NGO's - VOICE, An Taisce, and the Zero Waste Alliance - are holding a conference titled, 'Low Cost Solutions to Ireland's Waste Crisis' on Friday, 21 November 2003 at Tailor's Hall, Back Lane Dublin 8. As Ireland looks to the future, solutions to the escalating waste crisis must be found which are cost effective and safe. This conference will examine international experience of such solutions and seek to place them in the Irish context. Fee: €75 per delegate (concessions available for not-for-profit environmental organisations). Contact: VOICE, 7 Upper Camden Street, Dublin 2, ph 01 - 475 0467, e-mail:

Mediation Northern Ireland posts
Mediation Northern Ireland is currently advertising for two posts, with a closing date of 28th November:

1. Development Officer (Associates)
This key post is tasked with developing a flexible and sustainable team of Associate Mediators, capable of providing quality services to sustain peace and build good relations. Amongst the criteria for the successful candidate are: Experience in mediation in a community relations context; Experience in co-ordinating and supervising the work of a team; A minimum of OCN Level 2 (or equivalent) accredited training in mediation; Experience of monitoring and evaluation. Salary scale starts at MNI point 160 (currently £22,296) plus a 6% pension contribution. The post has a two-year fixed term contract which may be extended by a further year subject to funding.

2. Executive Assistant (Civic Leadership Project)
This part time post will provide support to Mediation Northern Ireland’s Civic Diplomacy activities specifically through providing logistical support to the Civic Leadership project and personal and executive assistance to the Director.

Amongst the criteria used to select the successful candidate will be: Event management experience; Experience as a P.A. for a senior executive; An appropriate text/word processing qualification to meet a minimum of 50 words per minute; Interest in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Salary scale starts at MNI point 160 (currently £12,248 for 20 hours per week) plus a 6% pension contribution. The post has a two-year fixed term contract.

For an application pack including full criteria for either post, contact: Recruitment, Mediation Northern Ireland, 10 Upper Crescent, Belfast, BT7 1NT. Phone 028 9043 8614

International Nonviolence Training for Trainers

The costs from Ireland for this would be mighty but where there’s a will… and some of you may read this in more accessible locations to the course – Ed

Training of Trainers in Non-violent Conflict Transformation; An international non-residential course, March 2004 - March 2006. This training course prepares people to work as trainers in non-violent conflict transformation. For the first time four European training centres offer an international training of trainers with a multicultural approach. The course leads participants to a solid qualification as trainers and enables them to apply the new skills in their professional work. The trainees will be acquainted with special tools for handling conflicts and crisis situations within communities and groups.

The Program Objectives:

Raise awareness about and enhance confidence in the possibility of the peaceful transformation of conflict; Assess and enhance existing conflict resolution practices; Create an awareness of a wider spectrum of conflict transformation options; Equip participants with knowledge and basic conflict transformation skills; Enhance trainees’ new conflict transformation skills; Empower participants to carry out conflict transformation training in team and initiate co-operation between participants as a basis for future training work; Identify potential linkages and partnerships for multiplying the training outreach and the impact of the skills development.

Who should Apply?

  • Persons involved in peace promotion and/or working with environment-oriented or human rights organisations.
  • People who want to become more effectively involved in alleviating or transforming conflicts at the inter-personal, national or international levels
  • Colleagues involved in educational programs, youth programs and social work.
  • Teachers.
  • Professionals in community development, human service or religious organisations
  • People working in humanitarian projects.
  • Those who want to work as trainers in non-violent conflict transformation, either at home or abroad.

The courses are laid out for people working in the field at various levels of experience and skills.

Requirements for participation: Professional training completed. Working knowledge of English. Experience in working with groups and in the field of conflict transformation in social or international settings.

Deadline for applications is 15th of December 2003. Duration of the Training Course: 51 Seminar Days at different training locations in Europe (Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia) + 4 Days of Hands-on Training.

Program fees: 51 days of lessons including materials, board and lodging will cost €5,500 (for Western European countries) or €2,200 (for Eastern European countries). The travel costs have to be covered separately. Participants can apply for scholarships up to €4,000 (to cover partially the program fee and travel costs).

Application, Information and Consultation: Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte für gewaltfreie, Aktion e.V. KURVE Wustrow, Fynn Lüdtke, Kirchstr. 14; 29 462 Wustrow. fon: (+49-5843) 9871-31; fax: 05843/9871-11

International Peace and Nonviolence on the Web
We don’t have space/time/laws of physics here to do a full review, which is for another time maybe in the web edition, but here are a few worth visiting (INNATE has associate/affiliate status with the first two);

  • War Resisters International; A very full website includes information on Prisoners For Peace Day (1st December) and links to member and associate websites around the world.
  • International Fellowship of Reconciliation; This inter-faith nonviolence international can be found at and its excellent Women’s Peacemaker Programme at - they produce an annual International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament Pack (2004 one will look at Muslim women’s peace initiatives).
  • Pax Christi International does the business at including news reports from around the world.

Non-profit leadership course in USA

Boston College Irish Institute 2004 U.S. Exchange Programmes

Non-Profit Leadership Programme (ref NGO 04), February 29 – March 9, 2004

This programme is open to CEOs or Directors of small nonprofit organizations, especially community organizations. Representatives of arts organizations and universities are not eligible. The group of ten will attend graduate seminars with BC faculty and visit nonprofits in and around Boston and Washington, D.C. Program topics include: partnering with businesses and citizens, leadership, fundraising, strategic planning, lobbying, and other techniques that enable a nonprofit organization to become self-sustainable. Application deadline: 5:00PM, 18 November 2003.

This program is funded by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The cost of flights, accommodation, transport, tuition, and a stipend for meals will be provided.

Application procedure: Candidates should forward a cover letter, outlining their suitability for the programme, and CV, to the address below, no later than the stated deadline. Applicants should be available for interview in the period immediately following the application deadline. Selection is on a competitive basis and not all applicants will be interviewed. Please post applications to: Brian Kane, Director, Boston College Centre for Irish Programmes, 42 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, phone 01 – 614 7450. Additional information on the Irish Institute and its programs is available at: Programmes are not open to U.S. citizens; past or present 'green-card' holders; those not resident in Ireland or N. Ireland at the time of application; or past participants of Irish Institute programs

lThe next Belfast networking meeting is on Monday 24th November at 7.30 pm in 7 University Avenue, Belfast when we’ll look at some ‘Informed Dissent’ (Peace News CD-Rom) as well as planning…anyone interested welcome. Phone 028 – 90 64 71 06.


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