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Dawn Train

Issue 135: December 2005

A Spirituality of Active Nonviolence
This is a one-day interactive workshop with Brendan McKeague with the sub-title 'Exploring nonviolent living in the Christian tradition' at Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, Frederick Street, Belfast on Saturday 7th January 2006 from 10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. [please book a s a p and not later than 3rd January]. Organised by INNATE. Participation fee: œ10 (£15), unwaged œ5 (£8) including lunch. The workshop will appeal to those who wish to explore A Spirituality of Active Nonviolence within the Christian tradition. The programme will take people through 4 stages - Knowing Yourself, Knowing Your Culture, Sustainable Spirituality and Skills For Breaking the Cycles. Further details are available on request. Brendan McKeague is originally from Northern Ireland, has lived and worked in Australia since 1981 and for the past eight years has been an Associate Staff Member of the Pace E Bene Franciscan Service in Nonviolence; he has long-term experience working in personal, social and spiritual transformation; a fuller biography is available on request. Booking and queries should be made to INNATE, 16 Ravensdene Park, Belfast BT6 0DA, (cheques payable to INNATE) phone 028 (048 from Republic) : 90 64 71 06, e-mail Bookings on the basis of payment in advance or agreeing to pay full fee unless cancelled by 3rd January.

Ploughshares plough a lonely furrow again
The third trial of the Pitstop Ploughshares five will be on 5th July 2006; the other two trials having collapsed (see NN 134) it looks like 'trial by trial'. Ciaron O'Reilly, Damien Moran, Deirdre Clancy, Karen Fallon and Nuin Dunlop, have all pleaded not guilty to criminal damage concerning a US military plane at Shannon in February 2003. The defendants will be back working on the new trial from June, and solidarity is still needed. See or phone 087 : 918 4552.

The Ethics of Peace and War
This is a new book by Iain Atack (Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator of International Peace Studies at the Irish School of Ecumenics) published by Edinburgh University Press, and launched in November by Dennis Halliday. ISBN 0-7486-1525-3. 173 pages. Price: £18.50 / UKœ12.50. To purchase, please email or phone 01 - 218 0530, or fax 01 - 260 1158. This book looks at three key theories which have implications for the role of ethics in war and armed conflict: cosmopolitanism; internationalism; and political realism. It argues for the appropriateness of cosmopolitanism above the other two general theories, with its emphasis on the equal worth of all human beings as the basis for a global moral community. Link

EPA inquiry to begin, NI
Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland report that an Environmental Protection Agency for Northern Ireland moved one giant step closer when Government announced its intention to initiate a Review of Environmental Governance. This inquiry will examine how best to reform the region's environmental protection regime. The campaign was given a further boost when Environment Minister Lord Rooker announced there would be an independent watchdog. The terms of reference announced by Government have been welcomed but the membership of the independent panel of experts, who will conduct the review, has yet to be finalised. Campaigner Lisa Fagan said:

"So far, Government has acted in good faith. Everything now hinges on their choice of chair and panel to conduct this review. We are confident though, we will have a credible review team."

The enquiry is expected to begin in the new year, with the final report towards the end of 2006. The Review team's task will be to hear evidence from stakeholders and the public, commission research, ensure their investigation enjoys a high media profile, and report their findings. FOE. 7 Donegall Street Place, Belfast BT1 2FN. Ph 028 : 9023 3488, e-mail and web

Climate change and the Republic
Friends of the Earth Ireland has launched a campaign to get all 166 TDs in the D il to sign a Climate Pledge promising Ireland will do its fair share to tackle global climate change. A new website, enables the public to email their local TDs urging them to sign the pledge. Climate change is already happening, and human activity is causing it. But humanity also has the power to stop it running out of control. If we act now we can make the decisions and take the steps needed to prevent climate change having catastrophic consequences. Otherwise this century will see ever more storms, floods, droughts and famines. It boils down to how we produce energy and how we use it. We need to move away from carbon fuels like peat, coal and oil and towards renewables like wind, solar and biomass. And we need to use energy much more carefully and efficiently. We can take many small steps towards sustainability, starting now, or face unprecedented upheaval and disruption in the future. And the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the world will be the first and hardest hit. For them it will mean destruction of lives and livelihoods. For us it will mean flood damage, falling property values and rising insurance premiums. But we need not wait for climate change to hit home. .At you can sign-up to support the campaign, email your TDs to ask them to sign the pledge, tell your friends to take action and learn more about climate change and what we can do to prevent climate chaos. Friends of the Earth, 9 Upper Mount Street. Dublin 2. Ph 01-6394653 and website

We're not sectarian - They are!
Community Dialogue can always be relied on to reduce complex and contentious arguments regarding the North to the basics. Their current leaflet (A5, 4 pages, also available on their website), titled as above, looks at different aspects of sectarianism including possible definitions, 'Who is sectarian?', sectarianism and systems, moral superiority, and how we will handle differences in future. Community Dialogue, 373 Springfield Road, Belfast BT12 7DG, ph 028 90 329995, e-mail and web

Peace & Reconciliation Group - Winter/Spring Courses 2006
There are a couple of courses starting soon which may be on interest. Advanced Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills (OCN Level: 3, Credits: 8) is a 10-day intensive course: 10.00am to 4.00pm from Thursday, 12th January and every Thursday thereafter until Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th March 2006. Facilitation Skills (OCN Level: 3, Credits: 8) is also a 10-day intensive course running 10.00am to 4.00pm from Tuesday, 10th January and every Tuesday thereafter until Tuesday, 14th March 2006. Concessionary fees and bursaries are available for individuals and voluntary/community organisations. Enquiries to be directed to the PRG office. For course details and an application form contact: Peace & Reconciliation Group, 18/20 Bishop Street, L/Derry BT48 6PW, ph 028 71369206, e-mail and web

Irish School of Ecumenics (ISE): Chair in Ecumenics
Linda Hogan to the new Chair in Ecumenics, the first occupant of the Chair in Ecumenics at ISE. In her capacity as Chair in Ecumenics, she will also be the Head of the School. Her appointment begins on 1 January 2006. Linda joined ISE as a Lecturer in International Peace Studies in April 2001. She is currently teaching courses on ' Ethics in International Affairs', ' Human Rights in Theory and Practice', ' Gender, Conflict and Social Change', and 'The Politics of Peace and Conflict'. Her current research focuses on the relationship between Christian social ethics and the discourse of human rights. Please visit ISE, Bea House, Milltown Park, Dublin 6, ph 01 - 206 0355, e-mail and web

WRI - Globalising Nonviolence
War Resisters International conference Globalising Nonviolence will take place at Schloss Eringerfeld, near Paderborn, Germany, from 23rd to 27th July 2006. A global movement from below seeks to counterpose the perspective and values of people's power to those of global financial institutions, transnational corporations and governments; WRI believes that nonviolence has a major role to play in this globalisation from below. The conference will have a wide range of topics and themes within the overall framework. Further information at or contact WRI at 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, phone +44 20 72784040, web

Feasta calls for energy rationing
The recent tripling of oil prices is causing great hardship to the world's poor and their situation is likely to worsen in the near future as the increased cost of farm inputs like fertiliser and tractor fuel pushes up the cost of their food. FEASTA believes that energy rationing, introduced on either a national or an international level, could prevent malnutrition and fuel poverty increasing in the countries in which rationing is used. It could also provide a basis for slowing climate change. FEASTA has recently made a submission to the Department of the Environment in which we suggested that Ireland should adopt such a system to help the country meet its Kyoto emissions target. See website under 'Energy and Climate'. FEASTA, The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability. 10a Lr Camden Street, Dublin 2. Ph 01 4053615, Fax: 01 - 4054835, general e-mail: Membership of FEASTA is £20 individual, £10 concessionary, payable by cheque or via a secure link on the website.

Cindy Sheehan to speak at IAWM
Cindy Sheehan (Mother of US soldier killed in Iraq that set up camp outside George Bush's Texas Ranch) is coming to speak at an Irish Anti-War Movement Public Meeting in Dublin on Tuesday December 13th at 8 pm. She will be joined by Rose Gentle (mother of British Soldier killed in Iraq),Tahrir Swift (Arab Media Watch), Raeid Al Wazzan (Iraqi recently returned from Mosul.) The meeting will take place in the O Reilly Theatre, Belvedere Collge, Great Denmark Street (Off Parnell Square). There will be a cover charge of £10 waged / £5 unwaged, or donation, to cover costs. Irish Anti-War Movement, PO Box 9260, Dublin 1. Phone 01 8727912, 01 8727913, Mobile 087 6329511.

Pax Christi Annual Peace Mass
This will take place on Sunday 29th January 2006 at 12 pm, celebrated by Bishop Raymond Field at Fairview Parish Church, Dublin. Pax Christi, 52 Lower Rathmines Road, Dublin 6, ph 01 - 496 5293, e-mail

Peace People fundraiser for Niger
The Peace People are organising a fund raising evening for Niger on Friday 9 December, 8 pm in Peace House, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast. Paul Kane of Trocaire will talk about the situation in Niger and surrounding African countries. Light refreshments available. Peace People, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6GE, ph 028 - 90 66 34 65.

Torture in Burma
The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners in Burma (AAPPB) has recently (2nd December) published a report describing and condemning the methods of torture used in Burma's interrogation centres and prisons since March 1998. The evidence gathered in the 126-page report entitled 'The Darkness We See: Torture in Burma's Interrogation Centers and Prisons' is based on interviews with thirty-five former political prisoners conducted by AAPP. The report is divided into sections detailing the various forms of physical, psychological and sexual abuse used by the junta. The document explains how poor prison conditions combined with medical negligence are encouraged by the junta to cause a degree of suffering tantamount to torture.
This publication, which has been made possible through funding by the Department of Foreign Affairs Development Cooperation Ireland division, follows the publication on 20 September of 'Threat to the Peace', a report commissioned by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Honourable Vaclav Havel - both Nobel Peace prize winners. In 'Threat to the Peace' they strongly urge the United Nations Security Council 'take up the situation in Burma immediately' and to place Burma on the UN Security Council agenda. This new report on torture also recommends that the UN Security Council immediately take up issue of Burma.
For further details contact Hugh Baxter. Mobile. 087 222 2543. Burma Action Ireland, PO Box 6786, Dublin 1.
E-mail web For more information on the work of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners in Burma see

Nonviolent Peaceforce is looking for field staff for Sri Lanka
Nonviolent Peaceforce is an international NGO with over 90 member organizations from around the world. In partnership with local groups, our field team members apply nonviolent strategies to protect human rights, deter violence, and help create space for local peacemakers to carry out their work. The mission of the Nonviolent Peaceforce is to build a trained, international civilian peaceforce committed to nonviolent intervention. We are seeking candidates to refill and expand our deployment of peace workers in Sri Lanka. The minimum length of service is 18 months. Fluency in English is a requirement. Interested applicants will find the application form as well as other relevant information on the website. Applications will be accepted until 23rd of December.

Complicity with kidnapping of prisoners
On Saturday 10th December, Human Rights Day. from 12 Noon to 13 .00 at the U.S. Embassy in Dublin there will be a vigil to highlight Ireland's complicity in the transport of kidnapped prisoners to secret prisons inside Europe and the middle East. Come and show your opposition against the Irish and US Governments' involvement in war crimes. Further Information from Brendan Butler, NGO Peace Alliance, c/o Afri, 134 Phibsboroough Road, Dublin 7, phone 01 - 8827563, e-mail


Nonviolent News
January supplement
Number 135+ 16th January 2006

Just a couple of quick items which would be outdated by the start of February and No.136.

[The current issue can be read here]

Féile Bríde 2006:
Shining Lights on Human Rights

This year’s Féile Bríde, organised by Afri in cooperation with Cáirde Bríde and Front Line is on the topic of ‘Human Rights Defenders: Shining Lights on Human Rights’ and takes place on Saturday 28th January at St Joseph’s Academy, Kildare. There is programme from Tuesday 24th January through to Thursday 2nd February including the permanent relighting of the Brigid flame in Kildare town (2.30 pm unveiling of sculpture at Market Square, 3.00 pm on St Brigid’s Day. 1st February) as a manifestation of justice, peace and human rights. The conference on Saturday 28th January runs form 10.00 am. through to a Céili starting at 8.30 pm until late; the fee is €25 for the day, €20 concession. Speakers include Maura Harrington, Ed Horgan, Mary Lawlor, Jimmy Massey, Austin Onuoha and Maha Abdelrahman Alhaj Alsherief, and musicians and performers include Fionnuala Gill, Astrid Ní Mhongáin and Donal O’Kelly. Booking in advance necessary to: Afri, 134 Phibsborough Road, Phibsboroough, Dublin 7, phone 01 – 8827563/8827581, e-mail and web

IFOR seeks field officer
There is the opportunity for someone to work for a year as a field officer for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, a major faith-based organisation (to which INNATE is affiliated) – it’s a one-year appointment with the possibility of fundraising an extension. The task is to ensure that organisations applying for IFOR membership are adequately assessed and supported and that new and current IFOR members are strengthened and enabled to develop their work; some of this will be done by the field officer directly, and otherwise be responsible for seeing it is done. The Field Officer will be responsible for servicing an IFOR Working Group whose remit will be to strengthen IFOR branches, groups and affiliates. The job can be based in Alkmaar, Netherlands (IFOR headquarters) or the candidate’s own country. Requirements include: Strong commitment to active non-violence and the IFOR Statement of Purpose; Experience as a non-violence trainer; Fluency in French and English; Faith commitment; Ability to support, encourage, organize and nurture; Gender sensitivity; Must be able to travel internationally and domestically in support of work (approximately 33% of time); some evening and weekend work required. Further details from: David Mumford, International Coordinator, International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Spoorstraat 38, 1815 BK Alkmaar, Netherlands, phone +31 72 512 3014, fax: +31 72 515 1102, e-mail

The rest can wait until the first week of February. Wishing you and the world a peaceful 2006 – Editor.


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