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Dawn Train

Issue 148: April 2007

CHASE Indaver incinerators from Cork Harbour and Co Meath
CHASE (Cork Harbour Alliance for a Safe Environment) have labelled the announcement by Indaver Ireland of their intention to shelve plans to build two incinerators at Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, and at Carranstown, near Duleek, Co Meath, as a cynical effort to pressurise government to subsidise their lost cause – incineration – which even they now see as uneconomic (others have labelled it a pre-election ploy). A CHASE spokesperson said “We regard this as a victory for the campaign because it proves what CHASE have been saying for the last 6 years, that these incinerators are not economically viable. However, in real terms, nothing has changed. The EPA operating licence is still in place, as is the planning permission which attaches to the site and so could be sold on. Both planning and licence are subject to High Court challenges, which will continue, as Indaver have stated that ‘when there is greater certainty in the market they’ll return to build those incinerators’. CHASE, 1 Lr. Midleton Street, Cobh, Co. Cork, ph. 021 - 481 5564, e-mail, and web

Scottish Centre for Nonviolence closes
Members present at the AGM in March 2007 agreed (without dissent) that the Scottish Centre for Nonviolence should close by the middle of May. There will be a farewell party on Sunday 10th June. Part of a letter from the Centre read: “Much of the original task of the Centre, in the field of nonviolent education and training, is now being fulfilled by others, including some in the mainstream. For example in Scotland this is available through networks such as the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on a Culture of Peace, the Scottish Mediation Network Education Initiative Group and Scotland’s for Peace. Also nonviolent training is being provided, free of charge, by Turning the Tide, a London based Quaker organisation and the Action Trainers, a loose co-operative of trainers who share their skills with other radicals. Thus the main object, expressed in our constitution as ‘to advance the education of the public about violence reduction’, has been achieved and no longer requires our specific input….. We need to be open to change, and letting go of something precious can allow space for the growth of new ideas and the creative initiatives”. Scottish Centre for Nonviolence,1 Kirk Street, Dunblane FK15 0AJ,

Presbyterian ‘Gospel in Conflict’
A couple of hundred people attended the launch of the ‘Gospel in Conflict’ programme in Belfast on 20th March. Aimed at Presbyterians, 'The Gospel in Conflict' course reflects on peacemaking as an integral part of discipleship, focusing on the biblical mandate to love our neighbour and rooting it within the experience of participants. Five themes are explored: Living in a Divided Society, Exploring our Presbyterian Identity, Dealing with Disagreement, Relating to our Neighbours and Taking Steps in Building Peace. By considering how the early church dealt with conflict it helps those taking part develop ways in which the divisions they experience today can be dealt with from personal, church and community perspectives. There are two full time peace officers funded by the project’. Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Church House, Belfast BT1 6DW, ph 028 - 9032 2284, e-mail: and you can e-mail Laura Coulter of the Programme directly at

Restorative Justice in the community: Portlaoise, Dublin, Galway
One day seminars ‘From Managing To Transforming Conflict - A Restorative Approach” on restorative practices in a community setting will be taking place in Portlaoise (Heritage Hotel, 9th May), Dublin (Marino Institute, 10th May), and Galway (24th May, Oranmore Lodge Hotel). The trainer is Jim McGrath of NetCare, see Inclusive costs are €95 beforehand or €120 after. These workshops will explore the use of restorative approaches in a variety of settings including community, schools, residential units and youth offending - from the most serious and challenging incidents through to minor incidents. Contact: NetCare, 7 Ardfreelin, Newry, Co Down, Newry BT34 1JG, ph 028 (048 from Republic) 30256469 or e-mail:

SCI/VSI/IVS volunteer opportunities
As always, Service Civil International and its groups Voluntary Service International (in the Republic) and International Voluntary Service (in Northern Ireland) have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities open, both medium term and summer projects/workcamps. VSI has just launched its 2007 Book of International Volunteer Projects. There are hundreds of short-term volunteer projects (2-3 weeks) in over 70 countries worldwide. There are projects in Ireland, throughout Europe (East and West), Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East including work with peace and solidarity groups, environmental group and community organisations. More details from VSI, 30 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1. Tel: 01-8551011 On 18th April at the Irish Film Institute, Temple Bar, Dublin from 7.00-9.00pm there will be a Information Workshop on Volunteering 2007.
lThe IVS/International Voluntary Service office in Belfast is open but currently staffed by volunteers and those interested in volunteer opportunities from anywhere on the island, North or Republic, should contact VSI.

Kilcranny House: Human rights and the path to peace
Kilcranny House is organising a half day seminar on Human Rights and the Path to Peace on Friday 4th May 2007 at the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine, 9.30 – 1.30 followed by lunch. This is being organised as part of Community Relations Week. Those attending must choose beforehand from 3 workshops: 1) Human Rights and Young People, 2) Truth Recovery: An International Perspective, 3) Is Parading a Human Rights Issue? Enquiries and bookings to: Rachel Rafferty, Kilcranny House, 21 Cranagh Road, Coleraine, BT51 3NN. ph 028 7032 1816.

Meath Peace Group; Truth Recovery and Shared Future
The next two dates are: Monday, 23rd April – ‘Making peace with the past – options for truth recovery’ at St Columban’s College, Dalgan Park, Navan, Co. Meath at 8pm. Speakers from various groups including Healing Through Remembering (Belfast), Justice for the Forgotten (Dublin/Monaghan), West Tyrone Voice and others (names to be confirmed) , chair, Dr. Richard Clarke, Bishop of Meath and Kildare. The meeting title is taken from the Healing Through Remembering report of the same name (see NN 145) On Monday 21st May: ‘A Shared Future: Ballymena’ will take place at Newgrange Hotel, Navan, Co. Meath at 8pm. Speakers: Jackie Patton (Community Relations Officer, Ballymena Borough Council), Delia Close (Vice-Chair, District Policing Partnership, Ballymena), and others (names to be confirmed). This is the third talk in MPG’s series on the ‘Shared Future’ document and its implementation at local and regional levels. Transcripts of the previous talks on this theme (63 and 65) are available on the website or tel. 01 – 8259438.

Amnesty International; wide ranging campaigns
Amnesty International in Ireland continues working on a wide variety of issues, current campaigns include to close Guantanamo, U.S.A.; stop harassment of activists, Zimbabwe; dealing with human rights violations in Mexico and Uzbekistan. A new Amnesty International report, ‘USA: Cruel and inhuman – Conditions of isolation for detainees in Guantánamo Bay’, published 5th April, condemns conditions in Guantánamo; the large majority of detainees who remain in Guantánamo are held in cruel conditions of isolation which flout international standards, and a new facility which opened in December 2006, known as Camp 6, has created even harsher and apparently more permanent conditions of extreme isolation and sensory deprivation.

Zimbabwe has a range of economic and human rights problems of massive proportions, not least having the lowest life expectancy, 34 years, in the world (WHO figures). On Zimbabwe there are a range of possibilities for action including:

Sign letters asking the police and police representatives in Zimbabwe to fully investigate the murder of Gift Tandare (a young activist shot dead by police) and to ensure that police officers operate in a manner consistent with international human rights laws and standards at

Sign letters asking the African Union and the Southern African Development Community to call on the Zimbabwean Government to end human rights violations in Zimbabwe at

Turn up at the Amnesty International’s Freedom Café, 48 Fleet Street, Dublin 2 on 19 April at 7pm to hear researcher Simeon Mawanza speak about his recent visit to Zimbabwe (admission €7/€5 concession including refreshments).

Join Amnesty International’s Zimbabwe group by e-mailing Members campaign on a wide range of individual cases and human rights issues and organise a variety of exciting events.

See Amnesty’s comprehensive website, as above, including subscription information, or contact e-mail: or phone: 01 - 677 6361.

Afri Famine Walk
Afri’s annual Famine Walk in Co Mayo takes place on Saturday 26th May starting at 2.00 pm from Doolough and walking to Louisburgh. There will be a shuttle bus from Louisburgh to Doolough e.g. for those leaving cars, and likely to be a bus from Dublin. Further details in May issue or contact Afri, 134 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, ph 01 – 8827581/8827563, e-mail and website

Identity, Interdependence and Nonviolent Transformations: July
The International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) 2007 will be hosted by Baketik, the Peace Centre in Arantzazu in the Basque Country (Spanish State) from July 14-22, 2007. The event is being co-organized by Baketik and the Peace Education Center at Teachers College, Columbia University. IIPE 2007 will explore the theme of “Identity, Interdependence & Nonviolent Transformations - Practical Priorities of Education in Transitions to Peace,” an appropriate theme for a region that has suffered forty years of continuous violent conflict. For more information visit the institute website at

Prisoner Abuse: From Abu Ghraib to The Passion of the Christ
This will be a public lecture, response and discussion on Tuesday 1 May 2007 from 6.00pm - 7.30pm at Irish School of Ecumenics, co-hosted with Irish Council fo Churches, at 683 Antrim Road, Belfast. Chaired by Dr Duncan Morrow of the Community Relations Council, lecture by Dr David Tombs, Irish School of Ecumenics, and response by Rev. Dr. Sam Kobia, General Secretary, World Council of Churches. Places limited so email or phone. 028 – 90770061 if intending to attend. Websites

ARAN seeks skills and poster hangers
ARAN, the Animal Rights Action Network, is asking people to display their 'Street Wise Against Animal Abuse' printer-friendly A4 posters in any locations where people will see them including vets’ surgeries, schools, youth clubs etc. They are also asking for people with a wide variety of skills they may be able to lend – proofreaders, analysts, researchers, event managers, legal skills, web design etc. See and contact John Carmody, Campaigns Coordinator (ARAN), 120 Vale Avenue, Carew Park, Limerick, ph 087-6275579, e-mail:

Shell to Sea: Busy times
On March 22nd about 60 local residents entered the refinery site after being appalled by the site of brown, diesel-scented water running off the construction site and into the Eris region water supply, (Carrowmore lake). See and
The next day they entered the Mayo county council offices and demanded answers:
24th March was the day of the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis, where Dublin Shell to Se

a ensured those attending were reminded that this is the party that gave away our gas for free:
At the same time Shell to Sea-ers in Belfast were busy protesting Shell’s sponsorship of a wildlife photography exhibition:
Then there was a picket at Iggy Madden Haulage Ltd, Galway, the contractors who are trucking the peat from the refinery:
And on Tuesday 27th March, Dublin Shell to Sea once again occupied the Shell Ireland's HQ on Lesson Street: and
Marathon's Cork HQ was occupied on Friday 30th March, as was the refinery site in Mayo and Galway S2Sers were joined by 3 of the Rossport 5 when they picketed Madden's Haulage company again: and and [This compilation of recent actions compiled by Cork Shell to Sea]

Convergence - The Sustainable Living Festival
‘Powering Down Our Communities’ is the title this time and it runs from Tuesday 17th to Sunday the 22nd April; the Twelfth Convergence Sustainable Living Festival focuses on the issues of Climate Change and Peak Oil as catalysts of sustainable development. What can we and our communities do to respond to these challenges? See here for details or contact Cultivate, 15-19 Essex St West, Temple Bar, Dublin 8, ph 01 - 674 5773. You can receive regular news by subscribing on

FOE lambastes Irish government climate programme
Friends of the Earth has described the Irish Government's new Climate Change Strategy, published 2nd April, as lacking credibility and "tinkering when what we need is transformation". According to the Government's own figures, even if all the policies and plans announced today are implemented successfully by 2012, Ireland's climate pollution will only drop from 25% above 1990 levels to 22% above 1990 levels. Oisin Coghlan, Friends of the Earth Director said: "This climate strategy lacks credibility as the Government failed to implement so much of the last plan, published 7 years ago. The only way to make sure Ireland meets its climate targets is to enshrine them in law and provide for annual reductions. Friends of the Earth will be publishing a Climate Protection Bill shortly and asking all the political parties to support it in the run up to the General Election".

Under Kyoto the Government committed to limit the rise in emissions to 13% above 1990 levels. And with the EU Ireland is now committed to reducing emissions to at least 20% below 1990 levels by 2020 and at least 60% below 1990 levels by 2050. That means reducing pollution from today's 70 million tonnes (Mt) to 45Mt in 2020 and 20Mt in 2050. In today's Strategy the Government admits it has no policies or plans to get down below 64 Mt. Contact: Friends of the Earth, 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, ph 01 – 6394652, web

International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel
3rd – 9th June is the date this year for the Call for Action to End 40 Years of Occupation Policies. The World Council of Churches through its ICAPPI initiative will commemorate 40 years of the 1967 Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories. The WCC asks for member churches, related organisations, and church peace movements such as Pax Christi International and its member organisations, to consider joining ICAPPI initiatives to be held during the Week of Action, 3 - 9 June 2007; H.B. Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and President of Pax Christi International, together with all the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem, support this Week of Action. Pax Christi International, Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, 21 B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium, ph. +32(0)2.502.55.50 See also

INNATE networking group meets on 18th April & 16th May at 7 pm in Corrymeela House, 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast. All welcome.


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