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Dawn Train

Issue 152: September 2007

Forthspring: Kingian nonviolence training, and 10th anniversary
Forthspring Inter Community Group in Belfast is sponsoring a Training for Trainers by the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, Providence, Rhode Island, from Monday 8th October to Friday 12th October, from 9 am to 6 pm each day. This is a workshop in Kingian Nonviolence, based on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. It is an intensive, hands-on training to prepare participants to teach the Institute’s Core Nonviolence Training including Principles and Steps of Nonviolence, History of Nonviolence Movements, Positive Solutions to Conflict, Community/Team Building, Preparing for social change, Classroom Management, Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution. The course will take place at Forthspring and the fee for the week is £100, some bursaries available.
You are invited to Forthspring’s 10th anniversary celebrations on Monday 17th September at 10.30 am, lunch will be served. RSVP to Forthspring by Thursday September 13th on 028 - 90 313945, or by e-mail to Maria Mc Kenna, Forthspring Inter Community Group, 373-375 Springfield Road, Belfast BT12 7DG.

MNI courses, European mediation conference 2008
Open courses coming up with Mediation Northern Ireland include: Handling Life’s Conflicts, a 2-day course recommended for anyone who would like to handle everyday conflicts better (it is a pre-requisite for other MNI courses); this runs on Thursdays 8th and 15th November and the fee is £220. Foundation Training in Mediation (OCN accredited) runs on 20th, 21st, 28th February, 6th, 13th and 20th March 2008, and the fee is £770; suitable for a range of people working with people and individuals interested in developing alternative dispute resolution skills (must have completed ‘Handling Life’s Conflicts’ or equivalent). Further details from Joanna or Máire at Mediation Northern Ireland, 83 University Street, Belfast BT7 1HP, ph 028 – 9043 8614, or e-mail Website

European Mediation Conference At the 2006 European Mediation Conference, the partnership of the Scottish Mediation Network and Mediation Northern Ireland were nominated to host the European Mediation Conference in 2008. The 3 day event will be at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th April 2008. A call for workshop ideas will be issued in September. To register or for information see

Peace Committee, Dublin consultation in October
Conferring Together is a day in which we ask (members of the Religious Society of) Friends and everyone concerned with peace witness to share their concerns with others. It will take place at Churchtown Meeting House, Dublin from 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday 20th October. Dublin Peace Committee has held 3 seminars during the previous 10 months; these were Fear of the Other, Power and the Other and Religion and the Other. Reports on these are on our website During the last number of months, Friends have individually expressed their wish to move forward from discussion of local and international concerns to public witness. Through Conferring Together, we as a Peace Committee now seek to facilitate this expressed need. If you want to contribute in a particular way, please get in touch as soon as possible. Contact; Seán McCrum phone 01- 679 3279.

Amnesty: Irish arms trade needs tighter control
Amnesty International has highlighted the loopholes and weakness in Ireland’s export controls on military and security goods, technology and services in new research, which calls for a stronger legislative framework. “Controlling a Deadly Trade” (available as a PDF) outlines how Irish companies supply key components (particularly electronics and other high-tech products) for weapons systems assembled elsewhere, provide licensed Irish technology and technical expertise to overseas manufacturers of military and security equipment and are involved in the brokering and transportation of military and security equipment.

The report highlights the involvement of Irish companies and individuals in: the manufacture of components for attack helicopters used in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and Lebanon; the overseas manufacture of Irish-designed armoured vehicles and vehicle components which have been used in combat in Afghanistan, and supplied to Iraqi paramilitary forces accused of torture and unlawful killing; the transport of arms to Israel and Venezuela; the provision of technical assistance for weapons systems such as armed robotic vehicles; the supply of “less lethal” security and prison equipment; the provision of military services to overseas armed forces; and the brokering of police and security equipment.

Noeleen Hartigan, Director of Programmes, Amnesty International Irish Section, said: “We need effective law to ensure that military and security goods, technology and services from Ireland do not contribute to human rights abuses around the globe. Ireland must play its part in controlling the global arms trade; we are the only EU country that has no controls on arms brokering. Amnesty International does not oppose trade in military, security and police (MSP) equipment per se, but it must be regulated.”

The report specifies a number of areas where legislation needs to be strengthened including: licensed production agreements undertaken by Irish companies, the supply of military and security services and personnel, transit and transshipment of arms and security equipment through Ireland, and transparency and reporting measures for the Oireachtas. Contact: Amnesty International, 48 Fleet Street, Dublin 12, ph. 01 – 677 6361, e-mail and web

Faslane 365 grand finale; Make Trident History
Make Trident History is organising a return trip to Faslane, Britain's nuclear WMD base near Glasgow. It's maybe your last chance to support Faslane 365, the year-long blockade of the base. So far 120 different supporting groups (MTH being the only one from Ireland to date) have taken part in the blockade, including several international groups. The Big Blockade is happening on Monday 1st October. MTH will be leaving Belfast on Saturday/Sunday & return Monday evening/Tuesday morning. Travel by train and/or minibus. Contact or 0798 354 9472 for info/involvement. Next planning meeting at Peace House, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast on Tuesday 11th September at 8pm - all welcome. Half an hour before this, there will also be a report back by Marcus Atkinson & Kerrie Ann Garlick of Footprints for Peace after the successful completion of the Dublin - London Interfaith Peace Walk Towards a Nuclear Free Future (see NN 149) and plans for next year (Walk to Geneva); Tuesday 11th September, 7.30pm , same venue.

New Corrymeela history, lecture
More than thirty years after his first book on Corrymeela, Alf McCreary has written a new history of Corrymeela entitled “In War and Peace – The Story of Corrymeela” (Brehon Press, Belfast, ISBN 978 1 905474 15 8, 256 pages, £8.99, also available from Corrymeela House, 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast, ph 028 - 90 50 80 80). This takes the story of Corrymeela from the start, right through the Troubles, and up to today, including reflections from a number of those involved. See also

Corrymeela Ballycastle is hosting a lecture by author and theologian Donald W Shriver on “Forgiveness as Community Building in the New Testament”; this takes place from 10.30 am – 1.00 pm on Thursday 18th October. There is an optional afternoon discussion and reflection, lunch is bookable at £4, and participation in the seminar is free. To register; phone 028 – 2076 2626 or e-mail Postal address is 5 Drumaroan Road, Ballycastle, Co Antrim BT54 6QU.

New Corrymeela History, lecture
More than thirty years after his first book on Corrymeela, Alf McCreary has written a new history of Corrymeela, “In war and peace”- The story of Corrymeela” (Brehon Press, Belfast, £8.99, 256 pages, ISBN 978 1 9054171 15 8, also available from Corrymeela at 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast, phone 028 – 90 50 80 80) which takes the story from the start right through the Troubles to today and includes reflections from many of those involved.

λ Corrymeela Ballycastle is hosting a lecture by Donald W Shrriver on “Forgiveness as Community Building in the New Testament”, on Thursday 18th October from 10.30 am – 1.00 pm (with optional afternoon discussion and reflection). Participation in the seminar is free (lunch is £4) and register to 028 – 2076 2626 or e-mail Postal address 5 Drumaroan Road, Ballycastle, Co Antrim BT54 6QU.

White poppies
Remembrance time for those killed in wars is coming close again and white poppies are the perfect symbol to indicate remembrance and opposition to further wars; “It is a symbol of grief for everyone who has been harmed by war but, more importantly, it is a symbol of determination to work to abolish war.” The Peace Pledge Union/PPU in Britain sells white poppies in a variety of sizes of pack as well as other resources on war, opposition to war, women and peace, co-operation, children and peace etc. Poppy packs range from 100 for £40 to 10 for £6, 5 for £3, plus £2 postage in the UK (may be extra to Republic). PPU PeaceWorks, 1 Peace Passage, London N7 0BT, ph 020 – 7424 9444, e-mail or order online at

Nonviolence Programme of WRI
The Nonviolence Programme of the War Resisters International (WRI) is an important initiative from this international network (with which INNATE is linked). It has included promoting nonviolence in the new social movements, raising awareness of the connections between corporations and militarism (including an initiative against war profiteers), and upcoming resources include a nonviolence training manual. WRI needs financial support to continue and extend this work. See WRI, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.

International observers wanted
in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia and Nepal by Peace Brigades International. You must be fluent in Spanish for Latin America, for Indonesian and Nepal you will have time to learn before joining the team. You must be able to make a minimum time commitment of 12 months. The next PBI orientation weekends for potential volunteers are: Friday-Sunday, 28th - 30th September in London and Friday-Sunday  2nd - 4th November in England’s Peak District. The Orientation Weekend is the first step in the preparation and training of potential volunteers and provides an opportunity for those interested to explore the possibility of joining a field team. The weekend runs from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon and has a cost of £65 waged, £55 low-waged and £45 un-waged. Information pack, application & booking form is on the PBI website at:  or email: Lani Parker: Peace Brigades International UK Section, 1b Waterlow Road,
London N19 5NJ , ph 020 - 7281 5370.

ISE Autumn courses: Restorative justice, faiths, women and peace
Education for Reconciliation courses this autumn (all evenings unless noted) include “Restorative Justice – A Healing Process?” in Ballybay (starts 6 weekly evening sessions 18th September) and Tandragee (starts 1st October); “Christ in a World of Many Faiths” in Newry (starts 19th September), Belfast (24th September), Dundalk (3rd October), and Enniskillen (1st November start); Women and Peacebuilding Programme “Just Peacemaking” runs in Dungannon (starts Thursday a.m. 13th September), Armagh (17th September start), Belfast (Wednesday a.m. 19th September), Monaghan (Monday evenings, 24th September start), Omagh (Tuesday evenings, 30th October). Further info from: Irish School of Ecumenics, 683 Antrim Road, Belfast BT15 4EG, ph 028 -90775010, e-mail

2nd October: UN International Day of Non-violence
As previously noted (NN 151), 2nd October, Gandhi’s birthday, has been declared UN ‘International Day of Non-violence’ and INNATE will be marking it by attempting to publicise resources we have available – but obviously it’s open to anyone to use in an appropriate way. You’re welcome to contact INNATE about this if we might be able to help.

Irish Peace Institute, Limerick, lecture
Nuala O’Loan (Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland) will speak on “Does accountability make a difference? Equitable Policing in Northern Ireland: A Force for Justice and Peace” on Monday, September 10th, 2007 at 6.00 pm in the East Room, Plassey House, University of Limerick, followed by a Reception. Requested donation of €10 per person for attendance will support the work of the Irish Peace Institute. RSVP ASAP to the Irish Peace Institute via phone 061 - 202768, or e-mail

Race and the media conference, Derry
This conference is being organised by INCORE’s Diversity in Action project, in partnership with the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) and will focus on the representation of minority ethnic groups and individuals in the media. . The conference begins at 0930 until 1500 on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 at the City Hotel, Derry/Londonderry. Speakers and panellists include Mr Ambeyi Ligabo (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) ), Mike Jempson, John Horgan, and Aidan White. To confirm your attendance please contact: Janet Farren, INCORE Tel 028 71 37 5575 or email For further information on the Diversity in Action project contact Roisin O’Hagan on 028 71 375523 or email

Policy and Practice – development education review 
Issue 5 is now available on the theme “The Changing Landscape of Development Education” and contributions include:”Development education and research at third level in Ireland” by Su-ming Khoo, Carol Healy & Kelly Coate; “Fairtrade or fifty-fifty”, the consequences of shifts in African perceptions of Fairtrade for development education practitioners” by Jonathan Penson; “Building academic support for development education” by Doug Bourn; “Ruptures in imagination: Horizontalism, autogestion and affective politics in Argentina” by Marina Sitrin. Policy and Practice is a peer-reviewed Irish development education journal.  It aims to facilitate reflection and discourse on development education practice in the island of Ireland.  The journal contains a range of in-depth contributions on aspects of practice and policy from the development and education sectors in Ireland, Europe and the Global South. The journal is a subscription based service.  To subscribe please email: for details. There is also a call for articles for Issue 6 on “Education for Sustainable Development“. For more information or to discuss the details of submitting an article please e-mail: or phone as below. [Source: Centre for Global Education E-Bulletin, September 2007] Contact: Information Officer, Centre for Global Education, 9 University Street, Belfast BT7 1FY, ph 028 9024 1879, e-mail: and web

Transcend Peace University
Transcend Peace University, the world’s first global online centre for peace studies, founded by a pioneer of the academic discipline of peace research – Prof. Johan Galtung, is announcing the October Semester 2007 (October 1st - December 21st) with 21 online courses directed by internationally renowned professionals. Applications can be made until 21st September and fees are €400 for citizens of OECD countries, otherwise €200. For more information please contact us at: or e-mail and phone/fax: +40 264 420298, mobile: +40 724 380551.

Cultivate Living and Learning Centre’s e-bulletin for September has news of shorter and longer courses or forums on green building in Dublin and Cork among much other green and ecological news. Themes addressed by Cultivate include Green Building, Permaculture and Organic Gardening, Renewable Energy, Powerdown - Energy Descent Pathways, and Rethinking Urban Planning & Design. You can choose what kind of information you want to receive and get

INNATE networking group meets regularly, mainly Belfast – you’re welcome, please enquire for details.


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