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Dawn Train

Number 165: December 2008

Stewarding/Marshalling in Northern Ireland
Steward and marshal training has been very significant in Northern Ireland over the last decade, or more, in allowing public parades and events to take place without getting out of hand. This continues to be a matter of considerable importance. Training in different aspects of marshalling and stewarding is currently provided by two sources, with aspects of relevant training provided by others. ‘Stewarding’ is usually taken to mean general control of events by organisers and ‘marshalling’ is steward training for parades and demonstrations.

1) South West College in Dungannon provides courses in both general stewarding and marshalling. The aim of the marshalling training is to provide participants with information and guidance in relation to marshalling public parades and gatherings in a safe and professional manner. The main areas covered include: The roles and responsibilities of a marshal; Risks and hazards in marshalling; Preparation and planning of events; Monitoring events and dealing with problems and emergencies. The course runs for 10 hours and costs £400 per course plus travel. Delivery mode and venue are fully negotiable. For further information please contact: Paul Maxwell (Course Coordinator), ph 028 8772 2323 or e-mail:

2) Chess TDC Ltd provide a range of training and development tailored for staff/volunteers who assist in the safe management of people participating in and those attending events. These may vary from public space events requiring notification on an 11/1 form (NI) or local council process (England, Scotland, Wales), to private (ticketed) events in venues which would include outdoor/indoor music festivals, carnivals, bonfires, sports events etc. The training covers all aspects of knowledge/skills required by staff including personal skills, law (powers and human rights), conflict recognition and resolution, working with others (including statutory bodies) children and vulnerable persons and emergency procedures. This training can be tailored to provide focus for particular needs of groups and is deliverable in any suitable premises sourced by clients. We offer a progression route of levels on all courses, from foundation certificates and are working towards further accreditation. Contact us at or ph. 07710946030. -

Mediation Northern Ireland would not provide accredited training but can do an informal bespoke course based on its peacekeeping monitoring training which has included aspects of intervention with the local community by the local community. It would also provide training in handling aggression. See or ph 028 – 90438614.

INNATE would provide exploration of violence and nonviolence in public situations.

We are happy to mention others who would provide steward/marshal training or aspects of the same.

Cluster bombs: Signing and sealing
Amnesty International Ireland welcomed the signing and ratifying by the Irish Government of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Oslo, Norway, on 3rd December. This treaty bans the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of all existing and future cluster bombs. Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland, said: “We are delighted to see Ireland at today’s signing ceremony in Oslo. While many States signed today, only Ireland and Norway ratified. For the treaty to become legally binding, it must be ratified by 30 countries, so we need other states to follow positive example set by Ireland and Norway. To get to this day, Norway led the process and many other countries were involved. But Ireland brokered the final deal. It is an achievement of which we can be rightly proud. This historic treaty is the culmination of two weeks of intense negotiations under Ireland’s commendable leadership at Croke Park, Dublin, in May of this year. Campaigners and survivors of cluster bombs were centrally involved in the whole process.”

For Amnesty International Ireland see and also the Cluster Munition Coalition site at

VSI – Roscommon, Glencree

VSI is seeking 4 volunteers for a short holiday workcamp (23rd - 27th December) over the Christmas period in Cuisle, the Irish Wheelchair Centre in Roscommon. Volunteers will assist with social activities. Christmas is a very special time at Cuisle, guests spend Christmas in the centre and staff and volunteers make every effort to make it a memorable experience for everyone. Activities will include lots of entertainment and music. Volunteering at Cuisle at this time is a lot of fun and promises to be a very rewarding experience. More details from

VSI will host over 50 peace activists from all over the world in the Glencree Centre from the 11th-15th December next. Delegates from 30 branches of Service Civil International will hold their annual meeting and seminar in the Peace and Reconciliation Centre. More details

Mock "Funeral" for the Lisbon Treaty
PANA, the Peace And Neutrality Alliance, and CAECU, Campaign Against the EU Constitution, are organising a mock "funeral" for the Lisbon Treaty which will assemble outside the EU office in Molesworth Street at 6.00pm on 11th December and march to Government Buildings in Merrion Street. The "funeral" oration will be given by Senator David Norris. Please come along and give it a decent funeral. See or contact Roger Cole at 01-2351512 / 087-2611597.

Advanced Course in Human Rights Based Approaches
Amnesty International will hold a two-day advanced training course on Human Rights Based Approaches. The course is directed at individuals working in the public, private and voluntary sector who have engaged in implementing a human rights based approach (HRBA) in Ireland and have demonstrated knowledge of HRBA and the human rights framework.

Dates: 27th - 28th January 2009 (Tuesday - Wednesday), 9am-5pm, Venue: National College of Ireland, Dublin. Application deadline is 20th January and the full fee is €100. To apply, please contact & 01 - 863 8300.

ICR report on policing in the North
The Institute for Conflict research recently published its report on “Policing Loyalist and Republican Communities - Understanding key issues for local communities and the PSNI” by Jonny Byrne and Lisa Monaghan (130 pages). It is available on the ICR website at http:// as well as in paper copies at £5 (ISBN 978-0-9552259-5-6). Institute for Conflict Research, North City Business Centre, 2 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast BT15 2GG, ph 028 - 9074 2682.

WRI website relaunched
The website of the War Resisters International (WRI) – INNATE is an Irish associate of WRI - has had a major overhaul and is to be found at It includes news items, Prisoners for Peace information, the Conscientious Objector Information System, and the shortly-to-be-published WRI Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns. War Resisters' International, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, ph +44-20-7278 4040.

Chernobyl Children’s Project Christmas gifts
Chernobyl Children's Project International has launched its new Christmas 'Gifts of Hope' Catalogue and by buying a CCPI Christmas Gift this year, as a company or an individual you will be making a life-saving gift to many children across the Chernobyl regions. Choose from the list of 8 Gifts (see visuals on website at ) and you will be 'offering hope to live' - the motto of our charity. We will then post you out a Gift Certificate for you to give to your friend, colleague, client or loved one at Christmas. Email: or call 021- 4312999 for further information.

Ireland drags feet at climate talks
Friends of the Earth has accused the Irish Government of being in denial about Ireland's responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, e.g. the EU wants to offer to cut emissions by 30% by 2020 in the UN talks at Poznan, but in internal EU negotiations Ireland is refusing to commit to cuts of more than 20% even if there is a new global deal, and the European Parliament wants 50% of the revenues from selling emissions permits to industry to be earmarked for helping developing countries adapt to climate change and reduce their own emissions but Ireland is absolutely opposed to this. You can read (Friends of the Earth Policy Officer) Molly Walsh’s blog at Friends of the Earth, 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, ph 01-6394652.

Community relations in Northern Ireland
The current issue of the Community Relations Council e-Bulletin has a summary of surveys on community relations and cross-community contact (plus links to more detailed data). Dirk Schubotz and Paula Devine conclude “it appears that young people are more comfortable with the idea of a multi-ethnic society and inter-ethnic mixing, whilst more resistant to religious mixing. Perhaps this is a sign for both, an opening up of Northern Irish society beyond historic divides and evidence that those who think that the old Northern Ireland has gone should think again.” See and click on ‘Information Bulletin’.

Cut to the CHASE
Cork Harbour Alliance for A Safe Environment (CHASE) is an alliance of local groups dedicated to protecting the health of their communities and safeguarding the Cork Harbour environment for future generations. The overall aims are to: Prevent toxic waste incinerator in Cork Harbour; Promote awareness of alternative solutions; Increase national/local opposition to incineration; Actively promote non-burn solutions. More information can be found at CHASE’s informative website They are also selling a fundraising Old Cork Calendar at €10. CHASE, Bishop's Road, Cobh, Co. Cork, ph 021 481 5564, e-mail

Writers celebrate 60 years of human rights
Top Irish based writers perform readings of their interpretations of the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to mark its 60th anniversary, the list includes Seamus Heaney, Roddy Doyle, Anne Enright, John Connolly, Colm Toibín, John Boyne, Eoin Colfer and many more. It’s happening at the Edmund Burke Theatre, Trinity College Dublin at 7pm, 7th – 10th December. Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster outlets and at - Tickets are free but there is a handling fee of €2.50. For further information please contact: Amnesty International, e-mail and ph 01 - 863 8300.

Meanwhile on Tuesday 9th December at 4.30 pm there will be a candlelit vigil to celebrate 60 years of UDHR at Amnesty’s Eternal Flame – located outside Busáras; at the intersection of Amiens Street and Memorial Road, Dublin.

Prayers for Bethlehem
Since December 2000, we have begun a new Christmas tradition of sending peace messages to our friends in Bethlehem. Once again, we would like to invite individuals, communities, churches and congregations, organisations and partners from across the world to email Advent and Christmas 2008 wishes and prayers for justice and peace. This year, the project is being carried out in collaboration with the World Council of Churches and its Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF). This initiative is locally supported by: The Arab Educational Institute, Library on Wheels for Non-violence and Peace, The Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, The Justice and Peace Commission of Jerusalem, Wi’am Center. This initiative is internationally supported by: The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum of the World Council of Churches, Pax Christi International, The International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Church and Peace The Presidency of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions and the Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples.

Please e-mail your Christmas messages and prayers for peace before the 25th of December 2008 (Western Christmas) and/or the 7th of January 2009 (Eastern Christmas). While English is the preferred language, non-native English speakers may also send wishes and prayers in their mother tongue. Messages can be E-mailed to the Arab Educational Institute at the following address: Read all messages at and

PCI on biological weapons, Arms Trade Treaty
Pax Christi international made another statement on biological weapons prior to the 1st – 5th December Meeting of States Parties to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) at the UN offices in Geneva. The full statement can be found on the Pax Christi website Pax Christi has also produced a 9-page advocacy package on the Arms Trade Treaty which is available on the same website.

Kilcranny House annual report
Kilcranny House’s annual report for 2007-8 is now available on request. Kilcranny House, 21 Cranagh Road, Coleraine BT51 3NN, ph 028 7032 1816, website

‘Returns’ to Abu Ghraib
Joshua Casteel, Iraq Veteran Against the War will be doing a reading of his play "Returns" at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin on 17th December at 2 pm. The play is based on his experiences as an interrogator at Abu Ghraib. Joshua came to Ireland for the visit of Jeb Bush which coincided with the 3rd. trial of the Pitstop Ploughshares After leaving the U.S. military in protest at the war on Iraq Joshua hooked up with the Catholic Worker movement and Iraq Veterans Against the War on his return to the U.S. He has been arrested a number of times in nonviolent resistance to the ongoing U.S. war on Iraq. Tickets are €4 to 01 - 87 87 222 (No booking fee).

Cultivate courses
Cultivate Centre in Dublin has a wide variety of courses coming up in the new year including green building, solar water heating, basic domestic energy auditing, and introduction to low cost design and construction, as well as various pre-Christmas events. See or contact; Cultivate, 15-19 Essex St. West, Temple Bar, Dublin 8. Bookings can be made at 01- 674 5773.

Flickr photos

New sets on the INNATE photo site at flickr:

- INNATE events; INNATE has organised a wide variety of seminars and other events over the years and this photo set features publicity material for just some of them.

- Dawn, 1974+; The Dawn group, and its associated magazine, began in 1974 and was a predecessor of INNATE. This photo set shows a magazine production weekend at work, a couple of nonviolence trainings (Dublin and Belfast), and a war toys action in Belfast, all at the start of the 1980s – yes, more than a quarter century ago. Click see these photos.

INNATE networking group meets next at 7pm on Tuesday 9th December in Belfast – contact us for details, all welcome.



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