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Dawn Train

Number 170: June 2009

Roots of Reconciliation at Glencree
This is a five day residential course at Glencree, 23-28 August, 2009; it will be bringing together practitioners, theoreticians and others with experience of societies in conflict, this participatory, experiential learning aims to offer an opportunity for real sharing and reflection on a core reconciliation challenge, namely humanisation between deeply divided people. Specific themes to be explored include: Meanings and dynamics of “humanization” vs. “dehumanization”; Facing fears, taking risks ; Dealing creatively with difference; Cultivating sustainable co-operative relationships; Forgiveness, Mercy, Justice, Truth. Further information and booking details at or ph 01 – 2829711.

Day of Private Reflection; 21st June / HTR reports
This is the third Day of Private Reflection, on Sunday June 21st 2009. Sean Coll of Healing Through Remembering said: “People from Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland and internationally are invited to reflect on 21 June, individually and privately, on the past conflict, and the future. It is a day to acknowledge the deep hurt and pain caused by the conflict, to reflect on our own attitudes, on what more we might have done or might still do, and to make a personal commitment that such loss should never be allowed to happen again.” Independent evaluation has indicated public support for this initiative by Healing Through Remembering (HTR) – a cross community organisation focused on ways of dealing with the past relating to the conflict in an about Northern Ireland. See also the special website at as well as the HTR website at

Those organising events for the day include:

  1. The Irish School of Ecumenics in Belfast who are meeting at 1.30 pm and walking up Cave Hill at 2.30.  Phone 028 - 9077 0087 or e-mail for details. 
  2. Corrymeela Ballycastle will be open to welcome guests between 2.30pm – 5.00pm; Richard Moore, founder of Children in Crossfire, will give a short talk as part of this event. If you are coming please email Mira at or confirm your attendance by phoning 028 - 20761736.

- Meanwhile Healing Through Remembering will be launching  “At the End of the Day…Commemoration – Forward thinking into the Past” on Wednesday 10th June at 10:30am which collates the contributions made at a one-day Round Table event which was organised by the HTR Commemoration Sub Group, and “Ethical Principles - Storytelling and Narrative Work” on Wednesday 24th June at 10:30am which outlines a set of principles for storytelling and narrative work connected to the experience of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland. Contact HTR for further information; Healing Through Remembering, Alexander House, 17a Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8HD, ph 028 9023 8844, e-mail:

Climate Countdown!  Six Months to Copenhagen
Join us on Saturday June 13th at 12pm on Sandymount Beach in Dublin for fun and games…and a mass choreographed event to create a giant human hourglass! This event is a call to action that will ask the Irish government to play their part in ensuring that the crucial climate change negotiations in Copenhagen are strong, effective and just.  Meet at the Martello Tower in Sandymount to raise awareness about climate change and the pivotal UN negotiations in Copenhagen in December 2009 and to call on the Irish Government to show leadership and to play their part in securing a strong, just global deal on climate change and commit to climate protection legislation in Ireland. Organised by Stop Climate Chaos which is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing runaway climate change. For information contact:  JoAnne O Donovan 086 3351906 or the members which include Action Aid, Afri, Christian Aid, Comhlámh, Concern, Cultivate, Dublin Friends of the Earth, Eco-Congregation, Eco-Unesco, Feasta, Friends of the Earth, Gorta, Just Forests, Kimmage Development Studies Centre, Latin America Solidarity Centre, Methodist Church of Ireland – Council of Social Responsibility, Mountmellick Environmental Group, National Youth Council of Ireland, Oxfam Ireland, Presentation Centre of Policy and Systemic Change, Progressio Ireland, Sustain West Cork, An Taisce, Trócaire, VITA and Voice.

- Both Stop Climate Chaos and Friends of the Earth have welcomed John Gormley’s confirmation that the Green Party will demand a climate change law in the review of the Programme for Government, although at the end of May the Government refused to set a date for a debate on such a law (Friends of the Earth published a draft bill in April 2007 which was drafted by Ivana Bacik and introduced in the Seanad). Contact Friends of the Earth at 01-6394652 and website

INCORE: Between revenge and reconciliation

Dr Brandon Hamber, Director, invites you to the INCORE 10th Anniversary International Summer School Lecture, ‘Between Revenge and Reconciliation? Making peace on the British-Irish ethnic frontier by Dr Duncan Morrow, Chief Executive Officer, NI Community Relations Council, Wednesday 17 June 2009 at 18.30 in the Great Hall, Magee campus, University of Ulster. Preceded by light refreshments at 18.00. RSVP if attending by 12 June 2009 to Ms Shonagh Higgenbotham, INCORE, University of Ulster, Northland Road, Londonderry BT48 7JA, e-mail ph 028 7137 5500. 

Abstract: Frank Wright’s thesis was that the north of Ireland was an ethnic frontier: the decay of a complex pattern of Empire which left neither a simple settlement nor an elite colony but a much more challenging interaction of peoples. The challenge of the ethnic frontier is not the irreconcilable differences of religion or identity, but the violence and antagonism which have shaped relationships. In an ethnic frontier, violence may seem justified as a means to avenge past wrongs but such actions far from generating justice set in train an escalating cycle of revenge. The critical question underlying Agreement in the north of Ireland is ‘how far has agreement generated new relationships or to what degree has it merely contained violence on a new balance? This lecture will revisit both Wright’s thesis on the ethnic frontier, the comparative opportunities and challenges facing Northern Ireland in relation to other divided settings and the prospects for change.

Amnesty highlights repression with the recession

“Underlying the economic crisis is an explosive human rights crisis,” said Colm O’Gorman, Amnesty International Ireland Executive Director. “The economic downturn has aggravated abuses, distracted attention from them and created new problems. In the name of security, human rights were trampled on. Now, in the name of economic recovery, they are being relegated to the back seat. In Ireland the Government’s cutbacks to the Equality Authority and the Irish Human Rights Commission undermine human rights here. The Global Report highlights again the failures by the Irish Government to deliver a referendum on children’s rights, a commitment made by Fianna Fáil and the Greens that is all the more urgent following the Ryan Commission report last week.”

Colm O’Gorman was speaking in advance of in advance of the Irish launch of Amnesty International Report 2009: State of the World’s Human Rights which came out on 28th May. Amnesty point out that freedom of expression is restricted in 81 countries; 78% of executions take place in the G-20 countries; Fifty countries hold prisoners of conscience; People are subjected to forcible evictions in 24 countries; and half of all countries inflict torture or ill-treatment on people during interrogation.  For more on the report see here or contact Justin Moran, Communications Co-ordinator, ph 01 - 863 8300 and the website at

Big Lunch at Corrymeela Ballycastle on 19th July

This Christmas, to mark the beginning of Advent, Ballycastle will play host to a brand new play written by the award-winning playwright Damian Gorman, with music by Sean Walsh. The production, called STARS – A Ballycastle Nativity, is a new story, different from but deeply inspired by that of the first Christmas. It is a community-wide venture which has received great support and encouragement from a number of local groups and partnerships. The show will involve established, professional actors as well as local, amateur ones; it will involve people from church and people from no church; it will involve drama and music, hard work and fun. And in celebration of this exciting project, the organisers of STARS – A Ballycastle Nativity are delighted to invite YOU to lunch on Sunday 19th July at 1pm at the Corrymeela Centre, 5 Drumaroan Road, Ballycastle BT54 6QU. The Big Lunch is an Eden Project initiative to get as many of the 61 million people across the UK as possible to sit down to share lunch together at the same time, on the same day. It’s a simple idea, designed to bring local communities together to share food, entertainment, music and decorations, all of which will have been grown, cooked or made locally. This will be a day to break bread with our neighbours and to put a smile on faces throughout our communities; a day for the local community to come together around something good, and to join us on the exciting journey of bringing STARS – A Ballycastle Nativity into being. To take your place at the ‘STARS – Ballycastle Big Lunch’ table please contact Heidi Scrimgeour at or 07766 666 867. To find out more about STARS – A Ballycastle Nativity please contact Damian at or on 079 0157 5121.

Corrymeela Ballycastle Summer Programme

The last few remaining slots in Corrymeela's annual summer programme are available for groups of between 20-40 people. In particular a couple of spaces exist mid-July. To find out exact details please contact Matt on the details below. We are also running a families residential called 'IF?', in partnership with Pat Meenan of Lifeways, between July 11th -16th; if your organisation knows of low support families who would benefit from the opportunity of engaging in a Summer Programme week at Corrymeela Ballycastle please contact Matt to discuss this. Cost is based on a sliding scale. Please contact  or 02820761726 or 07968362152.

At Ease – for British armed forces personnel

At Ease, a confidential, independent, advice service for people in the British armed forces is now at; Bunhill Fields Meeting House, Quaker Court, Banner Street, London EC1 8QQ. An At Ease counsellor will be at this address from    5 pm – 7 pm every Sunday.  Phone 020 – 7490 5223, e-mail and website The website has important information concerning limitations on soldiers’ rights.

So you can’t forgive?...

Brian Lennon's latest book is ‘So You Can't Forgive?....Moving Towards Freedom’. Published by Columba (88 pages, €7.99), it asks if Christians sometimes put unfair demands on those who have suffered - demands that the Scriptures may not support. He explores different stages in forgiving, including separation from the wrongdoer. He suggests that forgiving is about moves towards freedom in the person wronged, not about justifying the wrongdoer. The book will be of interest to those affected by violence, abuse or family disputes, and also to those working alongside them. Available from:

Feasta: The New Emergency Conference

Feasta are organising a major conference on the New (ecological) Emergency from 10th – 12th June at All Hallows College, Dublin, on the theme ‘Managing risk and building resilience in a resource constrained world’. [Details appeared in NN 169 e-mail and web editions only]. See and Dmitry Orlov will be holding a public lecture on June 9th at 7.30 pm at the Davenport Hotel.

To participate in the lecture please email Price € 10, free for those with full conference pass.

Burma Action Ireland supporting Aung San Suu Kyi

BAI has been active in supporting Aung San Suu Kyi as she is tried on fabricated charges – contact them at Burma Action Ireland, ph 087 1261857, e-mail and web (see also NN 167).  Meanwhile a new international website calling for the release of all political prisoners in Burma has been launched, and you can add your voice there at

Rossport Solidarity Camp

The Solidarity Camp at Rossport reports 150 people came for the last gathering, and Shell have began dredging work for the pipeline which last summer was ongoing for around a month - a sure sign that the return of the Solitaire is imminent. “Now is the time to come to Mayo to take direct action against pipeline work!” they say, and like last year, the camp is now based on a field above the beach. Check out or email the camp for up-to-date info before arriving: or phone 085 – 1141170.

ARAN exposes terrible cruelty to pigs

ARAN, the Animal Rights Action Network has released undercover footage obtained directly inside an Irish pig breeding facility in Ireland; the footage shows horrific cruelty to pigs, including a grown adult pig being killed with sledgehammer blows to the head, which violates Irish animal welfare laws. This story has been featured in a variety of the media and ARAN report that a case is being prepared by the Gardai for the Director of Public Prosecutions.  Contact: John Carmody, Campaigns Director, Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), ph 087-2391646, e-mail: and website:

Call back the fire

“Call back the fire – Songs against war, Songs for peacemaking”  is a great CD with 21 songs or tunes including some of your old favourites in new interpretations and some that you probably won’t know or will not know so well. Available at £12 from the Movement for the Abolition of War (MAW) in Britain and a non-profit making project of theirs, it is also worth looking at the other information on their website at

Death of Giancarlo Ramaioli

Fans and readers of Activelink and ‘Community Exchange’ will be very sad to hear of the death of Giancarlo Ramaioli (1959-2009) on 26th May 2009, after a long illness. Activelink, the Dublin-based online information service for non-profit organisations, will be continuing and ‘Community Exchange’ is produced weekly. See which includes a useful directory of organisations under a number of headings.

INNATE networking group meets next at 7pm on Wednesday 17th June in Corrymeela House, 8 Upper Crescent, Belfast – all welcome, enquiries welcome.

Deadline for July issue: 30th June.  There will be no August issue though we may do a news supplement if justified.


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