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Dawn Train

Number 193: 3 February 2012

Corrymeela opens applications for International Youth Programme
The Corrymeela Community, in partnership with Auburn Seminary, New York, has recently opened applications for an international interfaith youth leadership programme, ‘Face to Face/Faith to Faith.’ This brings together young people from Northern Ireland, South Africa, the United States and the Middle East with the common goal of working towards peaceful communities. Starting in April 2012, participants commit to two days per month and a two-week summer stay in New York where participants from around the world come together. The project works to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of their own faith traditions, nurture an advanced understanding of other religions, cultures, and increase participants’ ability to collaborate across lines of religion, culture, class and ethnicity to make a better world. Back in Northern Ireland, participants will have the opportunity to integrate their experiences and learning and engage in a social action project within their own communities Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 17, and should demonstrate leadership potential and interest in listening, talking and interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The application deadline is the 17th February 2012. For more information, or to receive an application form, please call Glenn Harvey on 028 90508080, or email For more information on the Corrymeela Community, visit

Shannonwatch: Numbers and cost of US military use
There is so much news emanating from Shannonwatch it is difficult to keep up with it! One recent report shows that US military use of Shannon Airport and Irish airspace costs the Irish state in excess of €4 million a year. This is as a result of the Garda policing arrangements at the airport, the use of the Defence Forces to provide additional security, and air traffic subsidies. When once-off costs are taken into account the figure is likely to be much higher. See for further details.

Meanwhile they report munitions of war were brought through Shannon Airport on almost 1200 planes in 2011 according to the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar, speaking in the Dáil in response to a question. The Minister also said that the number of US troops that passed through the airport during the year was "under 250,000" although he failed to say how much under. Nonetheless the figure indicates that an average of well over 600 foreign troops carrying dangerous weapons passed through Shannon every day in the 12 months up to 31st December. Minister Varadkar, speaking at an event in Limerick and in response to a Shannonwatch and PANA question, said America are our friends and that he wants to see the relationship continue. He even announced the opening of a new military pre-clearance facility at the airport. See To contact Shannonwatch phone 087 8225087 or email

INCORE 13th International Summer School 2012
The 2012 INCORE International Summer School will run from 18th-22nd June 2012 and provides a structured learning opportunity to analyse the dynamic and constantly changing field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. This year there are 4 courses to choose from: Evaluation in Conflict Prone Settings with  Dr Kenneth Bush (INCORE) and Colleen Duggan (IDRC); Learning from a society in transition: the case of Northern Ireland with Grainne Kelly (INCORE) and Dr Duncan Morrow (University of Ulster): Language, Truth and the Politics of Memory in Conflict with Dr Stephen Ryan and Ariel Sanchez Meertens (INCORE): Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland with Dr Brendan Lynn and Professor Brandon Hamber (INCORE). For more details see Email: ph 028 7167 5500. INCORE, University of Ulster, Aberfoyle House, Northland Road, Derry/Londonderry BT48 7JL.

The Inter-Institute Peace and Conflict Cluster (IPAC) is an initiative to bring together researchers at the University of Ulster working on peace and conflict related research. IPAC is hosting its inaugural seminar series on the theme of Peacebuilding Approaches After Violent Conflict in 2012, which will be open to both internal and external audiences, the first is on 8th February, booking essential. Details at

Féile Bríde 2012, 4th February
Afri’s Féile Bríde has the title Fire & Food with the spotlight on Bolivia. Taking place on Saturday, 4th February 2012, starting 1pm at the Solas Bhríde site, registration at 1.30pm in Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town. Programme includes Mayra Gomez from Bolivia and Roisin O’Brien, from “Be The Change”. The gathering will be framed with music and theatre and we will have a Céilí and Seisiún in the evening with Manteca (Latin American Jazz Band) and German Tintaya (renowned Andean musician and flute-master)! For further information and the brochure, check out the Afri website at Afri, 134 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, ph 01 882 7563/7581,  email: Information on this event also appeared in the January e-mail supplement

Not our debt
At last a campaign has emerged opposing repaying the crippling debt arising from Anglo-Irish Bank’s boom debacles. A new campaigning network of local and global justice organisations, Debt Justice Action, has called on the government to stop paying the debts of the former Anglo Irish Bank / Irish Nationwide Building Society (INBS). The campaign group – encompassing a strong and unique coalition of representatives from the trade union, community, faith-based, global justice, environmental and academic sectors – argues that the debts of these now state-owned institutions are not the responsibility of people in Ireland. Their new campaign – Anglo: Not Our Debt – is calling for the suspension of Anglo/INBS repayments as a first step towards renegotiation and write down of this unjust debt. The bulk of the re-payments are government issued “promissory notes” – a promise to pay money in future – to Anglo/INBS which will cost Ireland over €30 billion during the next 20 years. See

The Organic Centre
The Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim promotes organic growing and sustainable living. The centre is a non profit organisation set up in 1995, with the aim of providing public education, training and information. The Centre is located on a 19 acre site in Rossinver, Co Leitrim. We offer 100 weekend courses on organic horticulture, gardening, green building, alternative energy, and artisan food production. The Centre is a recognised eco-tourism destination. Our facilities include demonstration gardens & polytunnels, an orchard & soft fruit area with heritage varieties and an eco-shop selling organic seeds, garden tools, books, and seasonal vegetables.
Projects run by the centre is a full-time course in organic horticulture at FETAC level 5 supported by FAS.

In the past The Organic Centre has organised a cross-border schools programme and women’s cross-community projects promoting peace through gardening together, funded by the Programme for Peace and Reconciliation and the IFI. We enjoy the support of a wide network of friends. Our Friends Scheme offers a range of benefits including free entry to our gardens and open days, gardening advice, and 10% discount on shop & seed sales, and training courses. Our online shop for quick and easy shopping is on our website.  The Centre is open daily from 10am to 5pm from March to November. Our annual Potato Day is on Sunday March 11th from 11am – 5 pm. Tours of the centre and workshops for groups can be booked. For more information ph 071-9854338, e-mail: and website: Join us on facebook!

Mediation Northern Ireland courses
Mediation Northern Ireland is currently recruiting for courses to start shortly:

  1. Mediation Theory & Practice - Workplace Disputes. Accredited Mediation Theory & Practice: OCN Level 3, 6 credits, 6 days. Places are limited to 14 and it requires 10 people to run.  The programme includes: Understanding conflict, Recognising conflict styles, Recognising conflict skills: Conflict dynamics, Group dynamics and systems theory; Introduction to mediation and the five stage model; Working through the 5 stage process of mediation; Case study practice of the 5 stage model.
  2. Group Mediation Skills: Available to those with proven experience in mediation and designed to assist the development of skills and strategies for more complex conflict intervention particularly large group situations. These topics will be covered using a mixture of practical exercises, group discussion, input from trainers and personal reflection. Participants will also be encouraged to work independently on the topics between sessions using book lists, discussion with other people or observation of real life conflict intervention situations. Available as 6 days, OCN level 3 (6 credits). Max number 16, Entrance qualification: Foundation Training in Mediation plus two mediated cases.

Fee for either course £1,200. Please visit website for further information

New coordinator for IFOR
Francesco Candelari, from Italy, is the new International Coordinator of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, based at the International Secretariat in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Francesco, 30, is a member of the Italian branch of IFOR and brings to the position a personal commitment and extensive international and non-profit experience. He has lived and travelled widely – work has included Burkina Faso, India and the USA. See

WRI seeks Right to Refuse to Kill worker
War Resisters’ International (WRI), based in London, is looking for a Right to Refuse to Kill programme worker to begin work in September this year. The RRTK worker will share the responsibility for organising work from WRI's international office and have specific responsibility for running WRI's international work on conscientious objection and military recruitment. A commitment to pacifism, good computer skills, and language skills are desirable. Salary: £23,296.68 per annum. Deadline for applications: 1 April 2012. See

Debt Justice? Ireland, Global South and Financial Institutions
Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa (AWEPA) and Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (DDCI) are holding a session on the topic 'Debt Justice? Ireland, the Global South and the International Financial Institutions' which is a launch of the DDCI Public Report Card on Ireland's development policy at the IMF and World Bank, followed by discussion. 6.30pm - 8pm on Wednesday, February 15th in the Audio-visual Room, Leinster House, (Kildare St Entrance). Please RSVP to  All Welcome. Debt and Development Coalition Ireland, Unit F5, Spade Enterprise Centre, North King Street, Dublin 7, ph 01 6174835,

FOE – NI: Campaigners ask “What Are They Planning?”
Friends of the Earth in Northern Ireland have launched a new planning campaign, called “What Are They Planning?” The campaign will call for fundamental changes to the planning system in Northern Ireland. It follows on from a survey conducted by the organisation, in conjunction with Queen’s University Belfast, in the summer of 2011, which uncovered widespread dissatisfaction in the Northern Ireland planning system. Friends of the Earth’s Northern Ireland Director, James Orr, said that legislation introduced in 2011 “goes nowhere near far enough in redressing imbalances that favour private interests and undermine the common good.  Coupled with the unjust anonymity that continues to be offered to party donors by the Northern Ireland Secretary of State, the current system serves to disenfranchise citizens.” See

The drumbeat of war with Iran
Since 1996 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA) has campaigned for the right of the Irish people to have their own foreign policy, with positive neutrality as its key component, pursued through a reformed United Nations. We therefore opposed Ireland's integration into the EU/US/NATO military structures via EU treaties and the use of Shannon Airport by US troops on their way to and from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Now however Ireland along with the rest of the EU and the USA intends to goad Iran into a war by an oil embargo while at the same time backing Israel to the hilt despite the fact that it already has nuclear weapons. Ireland has no reason whatsoever to agree to oil embargo on Iran. Apart from the fact that it will mean a massive increase in the cost of oil which will destroy an already weak domestic economy, if it leads to war then the consequences will be horrific not just for Ireland but the whole world. PANA therefore intends to launch a campaign against the oil embargo on Iran. To keep in touch with the campaign go to the PANA web site and click to receive the PANA newsletter and encourage others to do so.

Rossport Solidarity Camp
Rossport Solidarity Camp reports that the next Day of Solidarity is on Friday the 17th February. The last one was a great success with all peat and gravel haulage stopped for the day. Please arrive Thursday night for a briefing and early morning action the next day. If they are working on Saturday we will do something then too. There are fundraisers for the camp at McGrath’s McGuire’s pubs on Saturday night. Protests are on-going so visit anytime. February is due to be a busy month as Shell are probably going to start work in Glengad. “Court Week” is 20th-25th February; there is another week long “Shell to Sea” special sitting of the Belmullet District Court in February. It has been set to hear the cases of 20 defendants with 89 charges between them, from actions protesting against the Corrib Gas Project during 2011. We want to support those being brought to court for legitimate protest. If you would like to help, whether in person or financially with potential fines, please get in touch. See and

Women Peacemakers Program seeks communications officer
The WPP is looking for an experienced Communications Officer to join the team based at the IFOR International Secretariat, Alkmaar, the Netherlands with a commitment until December 2012, and the possibility of extension of contract. The position entails collecting, analyzing, writing and disseminating relevant information related to gender sensitive peacebuilding from and to a wide range of stakeholders, including activists, civil society organizations, INGOs, United Nations agencies, and governments. The Communications Officer will be the hub of all WPP communication; requires, among other qualities, English and Dutch language skills. Deadline for applying: 20 February 2012. Please send your application letter and CV to: or IFOR/WPP, Spoorstraat 38, 1815 BK Alkmaar, the Netherlands. See also

As always, Cultivate has details of fascinating courses over the next period – permaculture (in August), facilitation training for catalysts of change (early this year), Better Building Conference (April), and an All-Ireland Conference on Community Supported Agriculture from 17th -19th February in Cloughjordan. Details on these, and more, at

Friends of the Earth welcomes Hogan's Climate Roadmap
Friends of the Earth in the Republic have welcomed the publication of a detailed "Roadmap for Climate Policy and Legislation" by Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan. Friends of the Earth Director, Oisin Coghlan, said "This timeline lacks urgency but it sets out (in impressive detail a step-by-step) a plan to pass climate legislation by the end of 2013. The roadmap provides welcome (certainty and) clarity about the Government's commitment to passing a climate law and outlines the opportunities for public participation in its development". The Roadmap commits to the following steps: a public consultation on climate policy and legislation until the end of April, publication of the Heads of a Climate Bill in the last quarter of 2012, the Oireachtas Committee to make recommendations before the end of June 2013, the Government to introduce the final Bill to the Oireachtas in the second half of 2013. The Department of Environment press release and roadmap is available at Friends of the Earth, 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, ph 01 6394652,

Duncan Morrow leaves CRC
Duncan Morrow finished as Director at the Community Relations Council in December, returning to his post – with new responsibilities – at the University of Ulster. He had been 9 years as Director of CRC. Tony McCusker, CRC chair, said that “Duncan has raised the profile of the CRC and has stayed with us longer than we had dared to hope. He is rightly acknowledged as the leading commentator in Northern Ireland on conflict resolution and peace building and has a deserved regional, national and international reputation in these fields. He has moulded the CRC into a very effective public body which enjoys enormous respect in the public, business and community sectors. He has influenced many public policies over the last nine years and is highly regarded for his role in articulating society’s expectations of Government in the development of a shared future strategy.”

It is expected that the CEO post will be advertised the week beginning 13th February and an appointment made by April. In the meantime the current Deputy Chief Executive, Jacqueline Irwin, will be Acting Chief Executive.


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