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Dawn Train

Number 263: October 2018

Major Dublin conference on US/NATO bases
16th – 18th November in Dublin sees a major international conference, hosted by PANA (Peace And Neutrality Alliance) in opposition to USA and NATO bases worldwide. It is a joint initiative with the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases with many more sponsoring organisations and is the first international conference of a Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases. The Irish venue is due to both contact between PANA and the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases but also recognition of Shannon Airport as a de facto US military base.

As parts of its statement it says that while “we are opposed to all foreign military bases, we do recognize that the United States maintains the highest number of military bases outside its territory, estimated at almost 1000 (95% of all foreign military bases in the world). Presently, there are US military bases in every Persian Gulf country except Iran....... These bases are centers of aggressive military actions, threats of political and economic expansion, sabotage and espionage, and crimes against local populations. In addition, these military bases are the largest users of fossil fuel in the world, heavily contributing to environmental degradation.......NATO, as the armed wing of the United Sates and the European Union, is expanding further to the east to safeguard its control of energy resources and pipelines, spheres of influence and markets for the sake of big capital and the transnational corporations. The European Union, in particular, is advancing alone or/and with NATO to its further militarization with the Permanent Structural Cooperation (PESCO) and its powerful EU army.”
Speakers at the conference include Dr Aleida Guevara, Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, Clare Daly TD, Mairead Maguire, Silvio Platero, Ann Wright, Chris Nineham, Hiroji Yamashiro, MK Aida Touma-Sliman, Gerry Condon, Dave Webb, Alfred L. Marder, Roger Cole, Ed Horgan, John Lannon, and Frank Keoghan, among others.

See and you can make financial donations via the website and/or sign the declaration of support; it will have full programme and registration information in due course. You can contact via e-mail at or you can also offer help to PANA via

Peace Boat to visit Dublin on 17th October
On Wednesday 17th October, Peace Boat will make its first visit to Dublin for over eight years, as part of its 99th Global Voyage for Peace. The Peace Boat cruise ship is part of the Japan-based international NGO Peace Boat, which is one of the members of the Steering Group of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winners. Two hibakusha from Hiroshima will be taking part in a number of events in Dublin on the day, including meeting with local peace campaigners. In recognition of Ireland's role in campaigning for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, they will be bringing the Nobel Peace Prize medal to Dublin. Source: Irish CND for which wee and directly  

Corrymeela open events; Anniversaries, Brexit, art of peace
Among many upcoming Corrymeela open events are the following:
‘Belfast and the World 1918–1921 – Marking a decade of Anniversaries’, launch on Wednesday 3rd October, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts, Belfast. This project is being delivered by Corrymeela on behalf of Belfast City Council as part of their PEACE IV Plan; the launch event will feature project information and a keynote address from the Rev. Dr. Johnston McMaster on the theme of ‘The challenges of ethically remembering 1918–1921’. Register via the website.

‘Borders and Belonging in the post-Brexit era’; Corrymeela and QUB co–sponsor an event with journalist Fintan O’Toole as he explores borders, Irish and British identities and belonging in the post–Brexit era. Queen’s University Belfast venue on Thursday 4th October at 7pm; register via website.

Poetry and the Art of Peace, the 2018 Ulster University Convocation Lecture by Pádraig Ó Tuama,

Monday 22nd October, 5:30 pm at Ulster University, Coleraine Campus, booking details on website.

See for further details of these and other events.

Housmans Peace Diary, the world working for peace
Housmans Peace Diary is an indispensable publication and aid to movements working for peace, social justice and the environment. The regularly updated directory lists over 1500 national and international human rights organisations as well as diary features such as a week to a view, notable dates and anniversaries etc. The 2019 diary is the 66th annual edition. The feature this year is on the Housmans and Peace News building in London “and the wide range of fellow dissidents who’ve found a welcome here”... One copy of the diary is £8.95, postage is £1.50 extra per diary for 1-4 copies in UK postage area, £3 postage per diary elsewhere. Discounts for more copies. Housmans, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, ph 020 7837 4473, e-mail or to order online visit  

INNATE will have a limited number of Housmans Peace Diaries for sale.
The World Peace Directory is also available online in a fuller version. It is worth reading the background information on the website to get the best use out of it.

International Civil Rights Festival, Guildhall, Derry, 4th-7th October
The 50th Anniversary Civil Rights Commemoration Committee has organised an international Civil Rights Festival on 4th - 7th October in Derry to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Street march. There is a strong platform of speakers including civil rights activists, Eamon McCann, Erskine Holmes, Marian Donnelly, Michael Mansfield QC, Gareth Pierce, Lord Alf Dubs, Baroness Nuala O’Loan and international human rights activists.

The John Hume Civil Rights lecture will be given by Fergal Keane and Lord Ken Magennis will give an address. To see details and book go to:

Climate deniers lobby Dáil
John Gibbons reports that climate denial group the Irish Climate Science Forum (ICSF) has significantly escalated its lobbying campaign to prevent climate action. “The group’s main function until now has been to hold behind-closed-doors meetings with infamous climate science deniers as guest speakers. But it has now submitted a document to the Dáil insisting climate change simply isn’t as bad as scientists make out, DeSmog UK has learned. The group, which has no publicly accessible membership or officer list, has run a series of ‘invitation-only’ events in Dublin over the last 18 months allowing familiar faces from the world of climate denial, such as Richard Lindzen, William Happer, Henrik Svensmark and Nicola Scafetta to showcase their debunked arguments against taking action on climate change.” See here for further details.

Mediation service launched for farming and agri-business
The Mediators' Institute of Ireland (MII) is partnering with IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers) and the IFA (Irish Farmers Association) to launch a new service that will offer mediation for disputes in agricultural contexts. The service can be activated either through an IPAV Member or directly through the “Find a mediator” search facility on the MII Website at or other ways as well. President of the MII Sabine Walsh has pointed out that “MII has been promoting mediation in the agriculture sector over recent years and has a list of accredited mediators who have knowledge and experience in the Farming and Agribusiness sector.”

RTÉ apology to CGE director
RTÉ has issued an apology to the director of the Centre for Global Education in Belfast, Stephen McCloskey, over a statement made on ‘Liveline’ in September 2017: “On the 25th September last year, during a discussion about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, a caller to Liveline alleged that Stephen McCloskey, director of the Centre for Global Education in Belfast, had called for the “destruction of Israel”. We are happy to clarify that Mr McCloskey has never called for the destruction of Israel and apologise for the upset caused to him and regret that the allegation was broadcast”. Stephen McCloskey has stated “I have not and would not post material or opinions on social media calling for the destruction of Israel. These kind of views are anathema to both myself and the Centre for Global Education (CGE), the organisation for whom I work. The Centre for Global Education has been delivering education programmes in the Gaza Strip, Palestine since 2011 that are imbued by values such as diversity, respect, equality and social inclusion. CGE supplements the education of children and provides psycho-social support to young people in Gaza traumatised by conflict and poverty. These activities are in no way commensurate with the allegations made against me on the broadcast. Indeed, one of the aims of my trip to the West Bank in 2017 was to discuss initiating a new education project in a refugee camp in Bethlehem focused on global and human rights education.” See  for details of CGE’s work.

Tools for Solidarity Fundraising Quiz, Belfast
8.30pm on Friday 5th October sees a Tools for Solidarity fundraising quiz at St Malachy’s Old Boys Association, 442 Antrim Road, Belfast; entry £4 including refreshments, phone 95435972 for details.

IFOR international coordinator departs
Lucas Johnson, international coordinator of IFOR, the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, finishes at the end of October: “Serving in this position has allowed me to witness remarkable courage and a persistent commitment to love in the most difficult moments with the most intractable opponents. Many of you have inspired me. I am proud of what we accomplished together and I'm hopeful for what our global movement might accomplish in the future.”  

QCEA on militarisation of the EU
The latest edition of the Quaker Council on European Affairs’ magazine ‘Around Europe’ has analysis, page 6, of the militarisation of the EU. “While peacebuilding in developing countries is a laudable task for the EU to assume, the new budget proposals actually mark a move away from the civilian-centred methods which have proven fruitful until now. Instead, the EU proposes to create a €10.5bn 'European Peace Facility', which replaces several existing funds. While the name sounds reassuring, the money will actually be spent on training and equipping armies in Africa – the theory being that local security forces should be better equipped to handle instability which pushes people to flee. However, reinforcing the militaries of governments with poor human rights records risks further entrenching the violence and oppression which creates migration flows in the first place. And worst of all, the new Peace Facility sits outwith the main EU budget, meaning that the European Parliament has no oversight over spending.”

It continues “The militarisation of the EU over the past two years has been incredibly rapid, with last year's 'Permanent Structured Cooperation' (PESCO) agreement fast-tracking common military and security projects between member states. The new budget proposals build on this trend, setting aside €10.5bn for "defence research" among Europe's private sector military contractors. Working papers state that funding will only be disbursed if at least three member states commit to procuring the final products, which range from armoured vehicles to night-vision weapons equipment. This amounts to an effective subsidy for the arms trade – of exactly the same size as the proposed "Peace" Facility.”

Jubilee farm
Jubilee is a Christian creation care organisation, defining creation care as environmental and agricultural stewardship that incorporates flourishing, fairness, wellbeing and welfare. As Jubilee is waiting for the final paperwork to be completed for the purchase of the new farm, the site viewing will take place on 6th October; this will be an informal open afternoon for existing supporters and friends to view the new site from 2-4 pm. Come for a Fairtrade cuppa, a chat and a chance to wander round the farm at your leisure. The address is: 50 Glenburn Road, Glynn, BT40 3JY. RSVP to to receive parking instructions.
Jubilee has already raised £165,000 in Phase One, a closed community-share offer, to purchase the farmhouse. Now, £135,000 is needed for Phase Two, a public community-share offer, to buy the 13.5 acres of land, as well as polytunnels and other equipment, by Christmas. As a Community Benefit Society – a form of cooperative social enterprise – this money is being raised via a community share offer, making this the first community-owned farm in Northern Ireland. Launching in Belfast on 20th October, the minimum investment in the project starts from only £50. See for further information and see also video. 


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