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‘Readings in Nonviolence’ features extracts from our favourite books, pamphlets, articles or other material on nonviolence, or reviews of important works in the field (suggestions welcome).

Countdown to Cope-nhagen
Introduced by Rob Fairmichael

The world is a complex place, and that complexity leads to much wool being pulled over many eyes. When it comes to global issues I read the ”New Internationalist” ( to give me a sound analysis of many different issues, from global warming, through the current global economic mess and many particular issues including, over the last year countries (Afghanistan), products (plastic), current realities (economic justice, tax dodging), among others. Its different focus each issue is a great way to quickly get up to date with some of the best thinking on the issue at hand. It does not make assumptions that readers will always agree but I find that much of the time I do, broadly speaking.

Take for example the January 2009 issue (No.419) on Climate Justice. One feature in this looked at the options for the Copenhagen summit.

Global warming is the most important issue currently facing humanity; without real movement to cut warming, humanity is headed for so many problems, with resultant conflicts, that the twentieth century will seem to have been a fairly peaceful time – what a horrible analogy! - most scientists now agree that global warming will not be limited to 2 degrees and that already spells disaster for many people, plants and animals.

What approaches might work in actually cutting our carbon use? We know some macro approaches around are a waste of time, and the above feature names them.

On global warming there is no gain without pain. But if the pain is taken by those who can most afford it, ourselves in the West, as opposed to tinkering through proposals which have no hope of being effective, we stand a chance..

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