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Billy King


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Readings in Nonviolence

‘Readings in Nonviolence’ features extracts from our favourite books, pamphlets, articles or other material on nonviolence, or reviews of important works in the field (suggestions and contributions welcome)n bringing together different sectors.

Introduced by Rob Fairmichael

Sharp as ever

Billy King spoke about the UK-based ‘Peace News’ and its redesign in the last issue (NN 196). In the February 2012 issue ‘Peace News’ have an interview, “How to start a revolution”, with arguably the most influential nonviolent theorist in the world today, Gene Sharp. In this he shares why he wouldn’t call himself a pacifist anymore, talks about different aspects of his work in relation to what has been happening in the Arab Spring, the Occupy protests in the West, and his view of nonviolent struggle.

While Sharp has been controversial for some in the nonviolent movement, usually for not being ideologically pacifist enough, few people have done more to promote the possibilities of nonviolent action. He may not cover all the ground that some of us might like but as an academic-activist he has been a constant force raising and exploring the possibilities of nonviolent action.

The interview can be found at ‘Peace News’ homepage is at

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