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Careful use of the library is invited by compatible groups.

  • Contact: INNATE, 16 Ravensdene Park, Belfast BT6 ODA. Phone/Fax: Belfast/01232 - 647106. Or Email
  • This listing is correct to June 1999.
  • See separate conditions of use, given at the end of the classification below.
  • Please note classifications are sometimes quite arbitrary!
  • The first three letters are used in capitals for ease of identification of the box files.
  • Some files may be subdivided internally (indicated by CAPITALS; a number after the major heading indicates a separate box file)

A compilation of cartoons, drawings, printed photos and other graphics and information held in box files and classified into fifty major headings:

AFRica - 1) South Africa and 2) General including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, (Total 2 files)

ANImals - including cartoons, fantasy, cruelty to, liberation of [see also FOOd]

ART/CULture - classical and contemporary, general and worldwide

ASIa - 1) General including Japan, India, Korea, Australasia, Philippines, EAST TIMOR, BURMA 2) China, Tibet (Total 2 files)

BRItain - including England, cuts in British social services, poverty in UK

CELtica - and other Euro minorities, including Scotland and Wales

CIVil liberties/human rights - including prison, the law, Amnesty International, refugees [see also MEDia for censorship]

COMmunity action - including planning, action on poverty

DAWn files - used and unused artwork from 'Dawn' magazine (1974-85)

DISability - disability and issues affecting elderly people

ECOnomics and industry - including multinationals, workers, unemployment [see also TEChnology]

EDUcation - at all levels, including adult

ENErgy/ENVironment - including fossil fuels, alternatives, ecology, pollution, climatic change [see also TEChnology] (2 files)

EURope East - including Russia/USSR, Romania, Czecho/Slovakia, Baltic, [see also Ex-YUGoslavia]

EURope West - including EU, NATO/military and specific countries (Germany, France etc)

FOOd - including farming, animals in farming, drink, genetically modified [see also MEDicine re alcohol]

GENeral artwork - cartoons, graphics not otherwise classified (3 files)

IREland Arts - including literature, theatre, music, art, culture, language

IREland General - not otherwise classified

IREland Historical - pre-1960, including The Great Famine (2 files)

IREland Party Political - including some issues, party leaflets/manifestos

IREland 'Troubles' - violence, in the North, also in the Republic (3 files)

LOGos - and headlines, including peace, voluntary and pressure group logos

MEDia - of all kinds, printed and electronic, and censorship, communications

MEDicine and health - including drugs, alcohol, tobacco

MEN - including homosexuality, machismo

MIDdle East - including Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq

MINd - including psychiatry, psychology, 'mental illness', paranormal, meditation, etc.

NONviolence - and nonviolent action, peace, MEDIATION, GANDHI, LEN MUNNIK cartoons [See also LOGos] (3 files)

NORth America - USA and Canada

NUClear Bomb and Power, including Irish 1970s anti-nuclear and 1980s anti-bomb movements (2 files)

PHOtography - historical and contemporary, not otherwise classified

POLitics general - non-Irish, general including Marxism, anarchism, class [see also RACism]

RACism - including Nazism, fascism, World War II and Hitler

RELigion - 1) General Christian (2 files) 2) Ireland 3) General and Inter-Faith (Total 4 files)

SCIence Fiction - including superpersons, UFOs

SOUth and Central America - including Nicaragua, US involvement in, Cuba , Chile [see also NORth America]

TEChnology and Science - including computers, the universe [see also ENErgy, ECOnomics]

THIrd World - general and not otherwise categorised, including fair trade (3 files)

TRAnsportation - car, bus, train, plane, bicycle, feet, ship etc

VIOlence - including war, disarmament, landmines, war toys, violence in society (3 files)

WOMen - including liberation, sexism, abortion, lesbianism, sexuality (2 files) [See also YOUng People]

WORld General - including reviews of world politics, United Nations, Olympics, tourism etc

Ex-YUGoslavia - including Serbia, Kosovo/a

YOUng people and children [see also WOMen for children with women]

Conditions of Use, INNATE Graphics Library
INNATE wishes to make the Graphics Library available to compatible community, voluntary and political groups who are looking for graphics, cartoons and illustrations. The service is free within Ireland unless postage or other charges are agreed beforehand. Outside Ireland we may be able to help compatible peace, nonviolence and social change groups only. Please note that the library only operates with hard, paper copies (we do not have the facility to transmit images electronically). So:

  1. Phone up or write a note as to what you require. It takes us many hours cutting and classifying material so it is easiest if you can arrange to call to look through the appropriate files. In certain cases it may be possible for you to borrow a whole file or to request a particular graphic; we would prefer to do this only for groups not within reach of Belfast.
  2. Care should be taken with the graphics borrowed, e.g. not to crease them, spill coffee over them etc! They should be returned as soon as possible. You are responsible for copying them. You are also responsible for sorting out any copyright obligations.
  3. If material is lost or damaged - as has happened very occasionally - we would expect financial compensation to buy some other material to add to the library. Similarly we would expect compensation if there is undue delay in returning material.
  4. Please supply INNATE with a copy of any printed material using material from the Graphics Library.
  5. Additional graphics to put into the library would be appreciated, even in the shape of old magazines that might be worth cutting up for their cartoons and illustrations.

If you would like to help running this service - or might be interested in any other aspect of INNATE's work - please get in touch.

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