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Billy King


Nonviolence News


Street theatre on violent death as entertainment

Can be performed outside television stations, film studios, broadcasting commissions etc.

Dramatis personae: One TV announcer
Two protagonists (or more if you like)
One ‘armchair’ TV viewer (preferably male)

Props: ‘TV screen’ (large, possibly made of painted cardboard, for TV announcer to appear behind)
Easy chair (can be blow up chair for ease of transporting)
‘Weapons’ for protagonists to wield (can be cut out knives or guns stuck on cardboard)
Poster(s) to advertise when street theatre will start (time or minutes)

Note; As this drama is short and simple, dialogue can be ad libbed if desired but those involved need to run through it at least a few times before doing it in public.
All those viewing it can be leafleted with campaign information and it would be good to have at least a couple of people, not involved in acting out the drama, to do this.
The drama can be repeated a number of times as desired
- - - - - - -

Announcer (behind screen):Now we bring you this evening’s main feature film, a gripping story which contains scenes of extreme violence.

Viewer: Oh great, I’ve been waiting for this.

Announcer: In a country quite like ours, there was a huge amount of violence and killing going on…..

Switch to the two protagonists –

Protagonist 1: You’re a low down good for nothing person who deserves to die!

Protagonist 2; You’re a down low nothing person who doesn’t deserve to live!

They fight. One draws a knife, the other a gun, one is injured, the other killed.

Announcer: And that concludes our main evening movie. We hope you enjoyed it. More violence on this station tomorrow.

Viewer: [Rubs hands] Fantastic, that was really good, there’s nothing like a bit of blood and guts for enjoyment.

Announcer (stepping from behind screen);
Ooops, our apologies, we seem to have made a mistake, that wasn’t the feature film, that was an extract from the news and [speaking directly to Viewer]
that was your son/daughter/brother/sister/father/mother [as appropriate to age and sex of characters] and they are now dead.

Viewer screams, faints.

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