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ICCL: UN Human Rights review on Ireland

ICCL brought its human rights concerns to the UN during its review of Ireland’s human rights record. with a comprehensive submission to the UN Human Rights Committee that was endorsed by 37 other Irish organisations and reflected in the Committee conclusions. and Committee’s conclusions at

CAJ on the Bill of Rights Bill

CAJ/The Committee on the Administration of Justice has an 8 page briefing paper on the UK Bill of Rights Bill available on their website, written by Prof Rory O’Connell. CAJ say “The Bill of Rights Bill which will reform UK law relating to human rights, contains some provisions that are theatrical and legally meaningless, but it also contains provisions that will harm the protection of human rights. One of the more harmful provisions is Clause 5 on positive obligations. The proposed changes could increase legal uncertainty, affect those seeking an independent effective investigation into the deaths of family members, and risk denying protection to (among others) victims of crime, domestic violence, child neglect, child abuse, and human trafficking.” See (and lots of other useful submissions and papers on their website too).

Poetry for Peace

Smashing Times are currently running a call for submission of anti-war, pro-peace poems; these can be submitted in written or video form and will be displayed as part of an online exhibition on culture night. gives further information and also contains the submission link. The deadline for submissions is Friday 9th September so there is still time to write…..

AVP news: Male/Female awareness

The Alternatives to Violence Project, having run a 3rd level ‘Male Awareness’ course in men’s prisons for several years has now piloted the first ever ‘Female Awareness’ workshop in AVP history. The male awareness workshop shines a light on very deep beliefs around masculinity and gives an opportunity to participants to choose who they truly want to be, beyond the social construct of gender; women did not have the opportunity for a similar experience so an Irish AVP team developed an empowering workshop for women. There is an eagerness to run the workshop again and further improve it. Meanwhile AVP is recruiting volunteers but only for the Limerick/Cork and Castlerea areas.

Catholic Nonviolent Days of Action

2022 is the third year of the Catholic Nonviolence Days of Action, celebrated between 21 September (International Day of Peace) and 2 October (International Day of Nonviolence). The theme for 2022 is: “Blessed is every step toward nonviolence.” Individuals, parish groups, Pax Christi sections, and religious communities are all encouraged to plan one or more actions between 21 September and 2 October that strengthen the Catholic Church’s understanding of nonviolence as an essential aspect of faith and Pax Christi asks everyone to join them on 2 October to celebrate International Day of Nonviolence with the Vow of Nonviolence. Visit for more info.

Peace and neutrality videos from StoP, GAAW…..

The video of the StoP/Swords to Ploughshares seminar EU militarisation, Irish neutrality and the war in Ukraine: the case for peace is available at with Miriam Ryan, Niamh Ní Bhriain, Jan Oberg and Eamon Rafter. The video of the Galway Alliance Against War Hiroshima Day event, including Roger Cole and Margaretta D’Arcy, is available at

World Beyond War’s War Abolisher Awards

These will recognise the work of an environmental organization that has prevented military operations in state parks in Washington State USA, a filmmaker from New Zealand who has documented the power of unarmed peacemaking, Italian dock workers who have blocked the shipment of weapons of war, and British peace activist and Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn who has taken a consistent stand for peace despite intense pressure. There is an online presentation event on 5th September at 7 p.m. Irish time.

CCI: Continuing work in Belarus and Ukraine

Chernobyl Children International are continuing their work in both Belarus and Ukraine, including rest and recuperation camps this summer for the first time in a few years because of Covid. Adi Roche states “The needs in Ukraine are great, but we haven’t forgotten our children in Belarus, where our work continues.” See

New thoughts from Feasta on enterprise, education

New and valuable insights on ways forward on the Feasta website include a submission on enterprise policy which could enable Irish businesses to adapt nimbly and thrive in a ‘post-growth’, wellbeing-oriented economy, and an argument for a reorientation in education policy to cultivate self-sufficiency and achieve a regenerative economy. There are plenty of podcasts there too.

QCEA: When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers

QCEA/Quaker Council for European Affairs has a regular publication, Around Europe, which has useful reflections on EU and other affairs, including EU militarisation. The African quote above about elephants is from the Spring 2022 issue.

AFRI statement on PESCO and Commission on Defence Forces

Afri issued a statement in early July on PESCO and the Commission on the Defence Forces. They state “The debate on PESCO in Dáil Éireann on 5th July has revealed the undemocratic and damaging approach of the Government to the role and future of our Defence Forces.

For decades now, governments have been entering into ever deeper military engagement with an increasingly NATO-directed EU ‘defence’ structure, while claiming that something they call ‘military neutrality’ allegedly hovers unharmed above the fray.

The decisive majority of the people of Ireland – the ultimate owners of our defence policy – know that neutrality flows from the clear, practical commitments of Article 29 to ‘peace and friendly co-operation amongst nations… the pacific settlement of international disputes… [and] the generally recognised principles of international law.’ “

They go on to say that one of the most alarming aspects of the recent debate is Minister Coveney’s explicit promotion of the new PESCO engagements as choices made not by the Government but by the Defence Forces themselves. See This is a shortened item which appeared in the August news supplement

Mairead Maguire on Gorbachev

Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Maguire issued a statement following the death of Mikhail Gorbachev, stating that he “…was a warmhearted and kind man with a vision of peace and nuclear disarmament and a belief that the cold war between the west and Russia could be changed by talking and friendship. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in building dialogue and encouraging America to sign important agreements to start dismantling nuclear weapons and end the arms race. Gorbachev took risks for peace and he gave hope to many of us when he met with President Regan and worked to end the cold war and the arms race. It is to the shame of the West that the promises given to President Gorbachev were broken and US/NATO instead of keeping to its promises not to advance one inch towards Russia actually surrounded it with NATO bases and partners and continues to militarize and arm the world. …”

An hour long discussion with INNATE members has been screened on Belfast's community TV station NVTV (divided into two half hour slots) available at and recorded in June 2022. The topic was 'Exploring nonviolent approaches to conflict and social change issues', including discussion of the arms trade, security, and the war in Ukraine.  The participants were Stefania Gualberti, who acted as interviewer, along with  Mark Chapman and Rob Fairmichael. NVTV’s online content in general is available at This item also appeared in the August news supplement

Pope Francis: Rethink ‘Just War’

In an interview in June, Pope Francis said “I believe it is time to rethink the concept of a ‘just war.’ A war may be just, there is the right to defend oneself. But we need to rethink the way that the concept is used nowadays.”

Síolta Chroí autumn courses

As well as a course for farmers in Monaghan, Cavan and Louth on regenerative farming, there are courses on Herbal remedies from your kitchen and garden on 17th September and one on Plant propagation on 22nd October. Síolta Chroí is at Aghacloghan, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan . See

FOE report card on government actions

For the last couple of years, Irish Friends of the Earth have commissioned a panel of independent expert judges to evaluate the Government’s progress on its own climate and environment commitments. Their analysis forms a useful report card that outlines the Government’s performance over the last year. In this year’s report card, the Government got a C grade overall, down from a C + grade last year. You can download a copy of the full analysis at