We have added a scanned archive of old issues of Nonviolent News dating back to 1990. These are available for download as pdf files. You can view the full directory of files here. (We will be adding more details later.)

Nonviolence resources available online include:

  • INNATE ‘Nonviolence Manifesto 2019’ [PDF 128kb]
  • International Peace networks [link]
  • Nonviolence: The Irish Experience! Quiz [Link to pdf file 2.3 Mb]
  • Gender, masculinity, violence and nonviolence [Link]
  • For whom the wind blows: A short piece of street theatre on green versus nuclear energy, peace and human rights (No 2008) [Link]
  • INNATE Open Space Conference January 2008 [Link]
  • ‘Musical musings on Irish history and culture’ Link. (updated Sept. 2014)
  • .Blow-in rural settlers made an impact in Ireland by Garreth Byrne [Link]
  • Violence as entertainment’ street theatre [Link]
  • The ‘War on Terror’ and the Christian Just War tradition, by Tony Kempster [Link]
  • INNATE and Religion [Link]
  • Nonviolence – the possible dream [Link]
  • Nonviolence: An Introduction [Link]
  • Nonviolence in Ireland: A study guide [Link]
  • Consensus for Small Groups [Link]
  • Leaflet & street theatre resources on the Iraq war [Link]
  • Nonviolence Quiz [Link]
  • Graphics library [Link]
  • Workshop exercises [Link]
  • Nonviolence pamphlets [Link]
  • Climate in Crisis [Link]

War Resisters’ International Triennial Conference 2002

INNATE has considerable off line resources available on nonviolence, peace and related subjects (organising/campaigning, group dynamics, etc). These are mainly printed materials but include some other items. As INNATE is a networking organisation with no office and no paid staff it can happen that you may be faster (!) getting resources from elsewhere if they are easily accessible there (as might be the case with materials on community relations or mediation, for example). However we do our best to respond to queries (and if at first you don’t get a response, try, try again). Being as specific as possible helps your chances.

A very partial listing of materials held include:

  • Alternative and civilian based defence, various
  • Arms, arms trade
  • Christian & spiritual bases of peacemaking & nonviolence
  • Community organising including Alinsky
  • Conflict, various
  • Consensus
  • Dawn and Dawn Train magazines (1974-92)
  • Feminism, women and nonviolence
  • Forgiveness & reconciliation
  • Games, co-operative, etc
  • Gandhi and other gurus, e.g. ML King
  • Graphics ‘library’ (see below)
  • International Fellowship of Reconciliation materials including RI magazine
  • Iraq – resources for street theatre and other
  • Irish ‘neutrality’
  • Mediation
  • Musical musings on Irish history and culture
  • Nonviolence – many different aspects including nonviolence in Irish history
  • Nonviolent News (1990 to date)
  • Nuclear disarmament and related issues
  • Nuclear power
  • Observing (monitoring)
  • Peace education
  • Specific peace groups/organisations, materials from, e.g. Peace People
  • Peace News
  • Stewarding/marshalling
  • Training manuals/resources on nonviolence
  • Violence and nonviolence
  • War Resisters International materials.

Graphics library: INNATE has a graphics library of illustrations (cartoons, drawings, photos, etc.) classified into almost fifty categories which it makes available to compatible groups looking for graphics to go in printed materials; please ask for listing.

General queries about resources: contact Rob Fairmichael ( at Belfast: Tel: +44-(0)1232-647106 (phone and fax). INNATE, 16 Ravensdene Park, Belfast BT6 0DA.