Introduction to posters section

INNATE has a sizeable set of A4 size mini-posters or information sheets available for free download and home printing; a colour printer is required (though some may look satisfactory in black and white). They are intended for use on notice boards and in personal spaces. They are aimed primarily at NGOs (non-governmental organisations, civil society groups), schools and colleges, and home use.

Each poster or information sheet, listed below, has word tags or a description to indicate its content. The first one or two tags tend to indicate the overall subject and subsequent ones aspects of the detail.

The major categories covered (listed alphabetically) include Children and violence, Dealing with the past, Gender issues, Green issues (including climate change), Human rights, Irish historical, Militarism (including war and armaments), Nonviolence , Northern Ireland, Nuclear power, Peace, Power, Religion. We welcome further suggestions to add to the series.

INNATE is a network concerned with nonviolence and peace so these are major themes in the poster series. It recognises that you cannot be peaceful in today’s world without paying major attention to green/ecological and human rights or justice issues. INNATE’s coverage and concern therefore includes these issues – as here in these posters. It would also argue strongly that a nonviolent approach maximises the chances of success and that this is relevant to green and human rights issues as well as campaigning on other issues.

All are poster-style mini-posters (A4 size) unless labelled as ‘fact sheet’ (i.e. detailed text). Quotations are also listed as ‘quotes’, where appropriate with the name of the person concerned.

For printing we would recommend the use of A4 matte photographic paper which can be bought in packs fairly cheaply though an adequate copy can be printed on good quality copier paper (the higher the quality paper, the better the print if you set your printer to best/photo quality). The use of cheap copier paper is likely to result in a very poor copy.

Given their size and the fact of home or office printing they are intended for inside use; to use outside you may need to laminate them or, for short term use, they can be placed in ‘plastic pockets’ (for loose leaf folders) and the end sealed. Some of the mini-posters are portrait orientation, some landscape; your printer may automatically choose to print the correct way but you may need to check the orientation before printing, and to select ‘photo’ or ‘best photo’ printing for quality.

These posters are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. You can use them freely but not for commercial purposes. Please note copyright on photo in Céide Fields poster.  While the posters are all A4 size, and the resolution may not allow use at a larger size without looking pixelated, if you have the appropriate programmes to turn the PDF into a JPG you can then use it at a different size; compatible groups or potential users are welcome to contact us about this.

Each poster is coded, alphabetically, at the end of the individual listing; this relates to the visual index (not complete in including later posters) where the posters are reduced in size so users can see a number at a time before downloading those of most interest. The download reference is included for each poster in bracket.

Posters listing

Click on the abbreviation in red, in brackets at the end of each listing, to download

  • Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Ireland, workshops, contacts [AVP1]
  • Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) mandala, transforming power, respect, caring, non-violence [AVP2]
  • Anger as a positive quality when directed at positive change [AC]
  • Arms race, arms are for hugging and linking [AT]
  • Bertha von Suttner, war and violence, torture, quote [BVS]
  • Boycott, Irish origin of term, nonviolence, Irish history, Land League, Michael Davitt, [BO]
  • Buddhism and nonviolence, solidarity with all life, overcoming hatred [BN]
  • Céide Fields, peaceful lifestyle, Irish history, ancient Ireland, Iron Age, Co Mayo [CF]
  • Children and conflict 1, Vietnam war photo, napalm, naked girl running [CandC1]
  • Children and conflict 2, child fleeing war, 1945 and today, textile [CandC2]
  • Children and conflict 3, first casualty of war is the child [CandC3]
  • Children and conflict 4, war is not a game [CandC4]
  • Children and conflict 5, rights of the child, UN convention [CandC5]
  • Children and conflict 6, childhood needs, peace [CandC6]
  • Children and conflict 7, children should be seen and not herd [CandC7]
  • Children and conflict 8, if you want peace, educate for peace [CandC8]
  • Children and conflict 9, children are like flowers, warmth, food, security [CandC9]
  • Children and conflict 10, Frederick Douglass quote, strong children, broken adults [CandC10]
  • Children and conflict 11, child quote, peace is people talking with heart in between [CandC11]
  • Children and conflict 12, globe and peace sign, nothing less will do
  • [CandC12]
  • Children and conflict 13, teddies say peace education begins in the home [CandC13]
  • Christmas, season of peace and goodwill, war and hatred other times [CP]
  • Climate change, seeing the wood for the trees, bluebells, green issues, [CC]
  • Collaboration, positive and negative connotations [C+-]
  • Conflict, cup of tea, how you handle conflict that matters, [CT]
  • Conflict interventions, arbitration, conciliation, mediation, DIY, [CI]
  • Conflict, growth or stagnation, positive/negative  [CPN]
  • Consensus, Aztec symbol for word, small group consensus, consensus voting, consensus references, [CO]
  • Consumerism, buying something nobody needs [CN]
  • Conversion to non-military production, Len Munnik cartoon  [CA]
  • Corrymeela, 50 years, peace and reconciliation, Northern Ireland [C50]
  • Cycling, bicycling, era of the bicycle, green issues, [CW]
  • Dealing with the past (1), impunity, truth, justice, reconciliation, arpillera, Chile, [DP1]
  • Dealing with the past (2), the disappeared, confronting issues, arpillera, Chile, [DP2]
  • Dealing with the past (3), return of exiles, exile, arpillera, Chile, [DP]
  • Dealing with the past, not water under bridge, [DP4]
  • Drones, militarism, modern warfare, violence, violent technology, [DR]
  • Economic crimes, business, Theodore Roosevelt, quote, [EC]
  • Economic justice, green issues, slices of cake, growth  [EJ]
  • Equality, chess king and pawn go in same box  [EQ]
  • Europe and world, ‘good Europeans’, world citizens first, [EW]
  • Flinging mud loses ground, quote, old Irish saying, peace, power, [FM]
  • Fracking, good or bad idea, children and grandchildren, [FR]
  • Fracking, background to shale gas, dangers, fracking is forever [FR2] Fracking, precautionary principle, arpillera, don’t make things worse [FR3]
  • Francis Sheehy Skeffington, violence in Ireland, quote, nonviolence, injustice, [FS]
  • G7, G20, rich and powerful, just and peaceful, power, [G8]
  • Gandhi, nonviolence, violence, discoveries, quote [GN]
  • Gender justice and nonviolence, gender injustice and violence, quote, Dorie Wilsnack [GJ]
  • Gender, meaning of the word, includes men [GM]
  • Global warming, global war, violence, green issues [GW]
  • Golden rule, violence, nonviolence, inter-faith, religion, quotes, fact sheet [GR]
  • Greater love, Christianity and war, dying/killing [GLC]
  • Human Rights Bill for Northern Ireland, Good Friday Agreement [HR]
  • Human security, health, wellbeing, not military ‘security’  [HS]
  • Inclusion, including in circle, Edwin Markham ‘Outwitted’ quote [IN]
  • International peace networks, peace, nonviolence, fact sheet, contacts [IP]
  • Irish neutrality, Irish history, violence, power, fact sheet [IN]
  • Israel & Palestine, is peace possible, 2024 [I&P1]
  • Israel & Palestine, a home and homeland for all, 2024 [I&P2]
  • Israel & Palestine, yes to equality and statehood, 2024 [I&P3]
  • Israel & Palestine, settlers unsettle the future, 2024 [I&P4]
  • Jihad, Islam, struggle for justice, not war, Rabia Harris quote [JH]
  • Lettuce work for peas  [LP]
  • LGBT rights, still a distance to go, rainbow [LGBT]
  • Lucretia Mott, change and opposition, privilege, quote [LM]
  • Male violence points to grave, Marion Bromley quote, [MVG]
  • Martin Luther King, quotes, change, nonviolence, war [MLK]
  • Masculinity, violence, men, elephant in room [MV]
  • Mediation, from ‘me’diation aiming for ‘we’diation [MW]
  • Mediation, state of, map, emotions attached to process [MS]
  • Migration, natural, swallow flying [MI]
  • Militarism, Lord Kitchener, ‘Your country needs you’, cannon fodder, lies, First World War [MK]
  • Mother Jones, trade union organising, labour, fight like hell, quotes [MJ]
  • NATO, creating and maintaining enemies, Len Munnik cartoon [NO]
  • Nonviolence, change, oppressor, power, Barbara Deming, quote [NB]
  • Nonviolence & Christians, Jesus Christ, Gandhi, religion, quote [NC]
  • Nonviolence and gender, gender sensitive active nonviolence, peace, symbol [NG]
  • Nonviolence, power of standing together, Len Munnik cartoon [NP]
  • Nonviolence, unlikely places, corn, urban [NU]
  • Northern Ireland, Catholics and Protestants, in gutter together, harp and crown, peace [NCP]
  • Northern Ireland, peace, civil society, groups in Troubles, listing, fact sheet [NI]
  • Northern Ireland Peace Process (1), politicians’ promises, Nuala with
    hula, peace statue, Belfast [NNPP1]
  • Northern Ireland Peace Process (2), bridges, Millennium Bridge,
    Derry/Londonderry [NNPP2]
  • Northern Ireland Peace Process (3), hands across divide, statue,
    Derry/Londonderry [NNPP3]
  • Northern Ireland, time to count higher up than two, Catholics and Protestants, Colum Sands quote [N2]
  • Northern Ireland, Troubles, violence, statistics, dried up roses, Long Kesh Maze, dried up roses [NR]
  • Northern Ireland, Troubles, dealing with the past, role of the state, UDA, intelligence, accountability, human rights [NT]
  • Nuclear power, wind turbines, Ireland, Carnsore Point, Co Wexford, 1970s, green issues [NC]
  • Nuclear power, safety, Chernobyl, nuclear accidents, green issues [NP]
  • Nuclear weapons illegal, CND symbol, ‘let peace spiral upwards’ [NWI]
  • Daniel O’Connell tactics [OCT]
  • Oscar Wilde quote, a thing not necessarily true because a man dies for it [OW]
  • Peace is the way, slogan, no way to peace [PWY]
  • Peace, peace makes sense, any language [PS]
  • Peace, we will know peace has come when, jokey slogan [PW]
  • Recruitment to British Army, reality of, read small print [RA]
  • Ripples, pebble, thoughts, words, deeds, Dorothy Day quote  [RD]
  • Rising Proclamation 1916, annotated, commentary [RP]
  • Seville statement on violence, violence not programmed in humans [SV]
  • Shannon Airport (1), US military use of, arpillera, women’s peace camp [SH1]
  • Shannon Airport (2), US military use of, welcome to Shannon warport [SH2]
  • Shannon Airport (3), US military use of, woman pointing to sky, stop military flights [SH3]
  • Shannon Airport (4), US military use of, US army out of Shannon, demo, [SH4]
  • Social rights, economic rights, part of human rights [SR]
  • Soldiers, thinking, Frederick the Great quote [SFG]
  • St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, green issues, double meaning, Irish government [SG]
  • Stop driving, road sign, green issues [SD]
  • Sustainable power generation, Ireland, green issues, windy, wavy, wet [SP]
  • Teaching, demand what needed to build world want to live in  [TK}
  • Terrorism, big terrorists get away with it, Len Munnik cartoon [TE]
  • Thales, ancient Greek scientist, militarism, arms company, missiles, Ireland, Northern Ireland, [TM]
  • Trident nuclear weapons, WDMs, USA and UK [TR]
  • Triple lock replacement will be a warlock…..Irish neutrality [TL]
  • Triple lock is (key to) Irish neutrality [TL2]
  • UNSCR 1325, women and peacemaking, gender, reasons, peace, fact sheet [UW]
  • War, law protecting non-combatants, Adamnan, Law of the Innocents, Ireland [WA]
  • Wave power, joke/pun on waves, we’re surrounded by them [WP]
  • World War 1, victims, Ireland, causes [WW1]


Design and layout: Rob Fairmichael

Credits/Thanks to the following, and others, who provided comments, photos, ideas for posters, permission, or other assistance: John Lannon, John Maguire, Majella Clancy, Pauline Clancy, Clem McCartney, Roberta Bacic, National Monuments Service of the Dept of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (Céide Fields photo), Stefania Gualberti, Colum Sands, Associated Press (who we contacted about the Vietnam war photo), War Resisters’ International, Ursula Hagedorn, Mara Loytved –Hardegg.